Saturday, 25 February 2012

MacLaren Techno XT Stroller (Basic Comparison with MacLaren Quest Stroller)

When I was pregnant with Abby, one of the exciting thing to do for me was shopping. The only things I steered clear from was car seats and push chair. I had absolutely no idea how to choose them. So hubby had his fair share of fun, hunting down for something suitable and within our budget.

We decided to go for a travel system, and we have been using it for 4 years now. Don't get me wrong, we stayed with it for so long not because it's that good. In fact, it has annoyed us a lot since it's bulky, heavy, and very hard to steer (people get stuck around us all the time, waiting for us to move). We just didn't want to waste money by buying another one.

Maclaren quest, stroller
The MacLaren Quest we bought (image from
4 years later, after we had Clay, hubby decided that he has had enough. He did an online research, and decided that we should go for MacLaren Quest, as it was one of the best stroller out there (After all the trouble we had with our travel system, we didn't want to go back to an expensive, heavy and bulky pushchair again), with all these that we'd love:
  • 5 point harness
  • 4 reclined position
  • Easy to attach rain cover
  • Light weight (approx. 6kg)

We checked it out in a shop, and loved how smooth it was to steer. I could steer it with just one hand, turning around corners without getting stuck once. And that's with a 4 year old Abby in it as well!

It is very light in weight, and it has a strap where you can hang the folded stroller on your shoulder. It has a big pocket at the back for you to put things in, which we never had before. For me, the more pockets the better!

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller, rain cover
Using Techno XT to demonstrate
When hubby showed me how to attach the rain cover, I was really impressed. All you had to do was to hook the cover on the front edge of the waterproof hood from one end to another. No more fiddling around with a giant piece of plastic, trying to cover it over the whole pushchair and getting confused all the time with where the front is. 

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
The MacLaren Techo XT we eventually went for
We bought it straight away in the shop, but then hubby had a dilema when we got home. He saw the MacLaren Techno XT that was on display next to the Quest. He checked it out online and pointed out that, for another £50.00 we can have everything (well, almost) a Quest provide us, and with the following as well:

  • 4 reclined position, with the lowest position allowing baby to lie flat
  • Wheel suspensions
  • UVA protected sun-visor
  • Expandable handles
  • Back pouch has 2 stretchable compartments

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
Travelling tag
Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
Bag with 2 stretchable pockets
Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
Expandable handles

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
I loved how the chair reclined all the way back. Clay has slept in that position a few times already and he looked so comfortable!

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
The hood design is really clever. The waterproof hood itself is expandable and big already. You can then pull out the sun-visor from under the hood and it'll completely shade Clay's face from the harmful sun.

The XT is still as easy to steer as the Quest, even if it's slightly heavier. I can avoid any supermarket trolleys now with a breeze!

The wheel suspensions are definitely a must for us. The road to our GP, which is also the same way to a potential primary school Abby might go to this September, is so bumpy I felt everything in my arms even with the suspensions. Lets just hope that the buggy will last through this 4 times a day, and fingers crossed it won't affect Clay's physical development!

We found one of the back wheel squeaking on its second ride. Apparently it's a common issue if you hang heavy bags on a buggy. As a busy mum of two, it's quite hard not to drag a heavy bag with me. So for now we'll just stick to lubricating the wheels. If you have the same problem, remember to use silicon based lubricant only.

The only thing we miss from the previous pushchair is a cup holder. MacLaren has a universal cup holder coming out this year, we'll keep an eye out for it!

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
The Techno XT we bought has a round hinge design, to protect fingers from being hurt while folding the buggy. For older models you can request free hinge bags to cover it up.

Maclaren Tecno XT, stroller
Old design for reclining seat - requires 2 hand operation
and need to squat down to reach the 2 hinges
Recently MacLaren has improved their buggies to meet their global safety standard. So the latest Techno XT has head and feet barriers, a handle tether strap, and you can now recline the seat with one hand operation.

So far, we are quite happy with the buggy, and hubby is thrilled with how much boot space he has freed up in his car!

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