Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MoneySuperMarket.com Cocktails Class

Picture courtesy of Sarah
Last Saturday I went to a cocktails class at Stock Restaurant, held by moneysupermarket.com  (MSM), and had a fantastic time with Sarah (communities manager at 3monkeys), Emma and Lauren from MSM, and the lovely bloggers - Lindy, Cat, and Gemma. Apparently MSM do deals and vouchers as well. We always thought that they are just like any other comparison websites!

Cocktails, champagne, bubbly
It's nice to receive a glass of bubbly on arrival after getting lost for 15 minutes! *No sense of direction*

canapes, blue cheese
I forgot what canape this was but it's absolutely delicious! I was gutted I missed the meal after the class, but I had to get back to hubby and my babies, whom, on a side note, took me an extra 30 minutes to get to as I got lost again. I blame it on the cocktails this time!

Cocktails, cosmo, cosmopolitan
First cocktail we learnt - Cosmopolitan

It's very professional of the bar tender. He chucked away his initial attempt as the cranberry juice wasn't fresh and red enough. The result he was looking for was this:

Cocktails, cosmo, cosmopolitan
Cocktails, champagne, lemonade
This Posh Lemonade was created by the bar tender himself. It's a layer of syrup, then limoncello, freshly squeezed lemon juice, topped up with champagne. If you look carefully you can actually see 5 layers, where the 5th layer being the limoncello mixed with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was very impressive and delicious! It tasted just like lemonade with alcohol.

I had a chance making this behind the bar and it was not easy! Although you don't have to shake it in a cocktail mixer, you still need a steady hand to slowly pour each layer in the glass without mixing them together.

I actually spilled a shot worth of alcohol on the table, and the girls teased me, saying that I should have another glass on the side and I would have made 2 in one go!

Cocktails, margarita, tequila

As cocktails can be quite expensive, I never really got the chance to try them. The only ones I've tried was Snowball which was quite nice, and some with lots of colours but tasted horrible. I was glad that I came to this event as I've tried some classics and some new ones, and found out that I quite like tequila! Well, not in a large quantity, but it's quite sweet. Unless it was something else in the Margarita?

Cocktails, Mojito, mint

It was quite funny watching them make Mojito, as it's basically just crushing everything in the glass. I'm not quite sure I dare to be so rough to my glasses like that! This is actually my least favourite, maybe because I wasn't very keen in mint. I normally use it to garnish my dishes only!

Cocktails, Amaretto Sour, Almond
Amaretto Sour

A very interesting drink. It contains Amaretto Almond Liqueur and juice, but it ended up tasting like cherry sweets!

Cocktails, shot, catania, Sicily
Shot of Catania

One of the bartender was from Sicily. When I asked about drinks containing a blue liqueur, she made a shot of Strawberry Liqueur, Vodka and Bols blue liqueur. At this point I already felt the alcohol in my head, so I chickened out as I am still breastfeeding. But all the others who tried said that it was really nice and didn't taste like alcohol at all. I must try this after I stopped breastfeeding!

Liqueur, Gin, best gin
We also tried Tom Collins, and the bartender told us that the 2 gins on the right are the best. Tips in our pockets!

The bartender made up a cocktail on the spot with grapefruit vodka, lychee liqueur (which he didn't fancy) and pineapple juice. When he told us he was gonna put pineapple juice in the drink, I kinda felt disappointed as lychee is such a delicate fruit, you just don't mix it with strong flavours like pineapple (or mango. I think Twinings made a tea with the 2, tut tut). The outcome was a very easy to drink but on the sugary side cocktail. No lychee flavour in it hehe.

Cocktails, Stock Restaurant, Stock Exchange
Beautiful ceiling features
The cocktails class wasn't part of their deal, but they have a deal for Stock restaurant on MSM website now. Wish I went for the meal!!

Disclosure: I was invited to moneysupermarket.com's blogger event; all opinions are honest and my own