Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Next Children Team GB Outfit

London Olympics 2012

The Olympics games are almost here. Although I'm Chinese, but I am living in the UK, so I should support team GB shouldn't I?

While browsing through Next's clothes for children, I came across their team GB collections. I saw this outfit and how tempted am I to buy every piece home!

Next children clothes, team GB, short sleeve top
Sequin T-shirt £9 - £10 (3 months to 6 years)

I love the GB sequin heart, very trendy!

Next children clothes, team GB, mini skirt
Mid Wash Western Denim Skirt  £8 - £9 (3 months to 6 years)

This skirt, although not with the team GB logo, matches the set perfectly well. I love the mid washed effect. And I can mix and match it with other clothes too.

Next children clothes, team GB, boots
Flag sequin Boots £16 - £17 (size 3 to 12)

Abby have a pair of sequin boots that she called 'Bling Bling Shoes'. They are pretty worn out now and one of them have a hole somewhere near the base (ie not puddle proof). I bet she'd love these to replace her old Bling Bling shoes!

Next children clothes, team GB, sweater
Stripe Hooded Sweat £17 - £18 (3 months to 6 years)

I love this sweater, but it's probably a bit too warm for Summer days, provided that we are gonna have a hot (or at least warm?) Summer this year. But then again, you'll never know with the weather nowadays!

I think the whole outfit is really cute! I can imagine Abby wearing these shouting: Team GB!!!