Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review: Urbanista Beauty Tools

About 2 weeks ago I've received a parcel from Murrays Health & Beauty (Paul Murray Plc). I was really happy as the parcel was a surprise and I was just about to buy new tweezers and nail clippers!

Urbanista is a new beauty tools collection from Murrays.

About the products:
  • Beauty tools with vibrant coloured silicon-type material that provides a good grip
  • Designed for comfort and precision
  • Collection includes Nail Foils (£2.99 pack of 6), Nail Clippers (small £3.99, large £4.99), Tweezers (£3.99), Nail (£3.99) and Foot (£4.99) Files, Cosmetic Brushes (£3.99 - £5.99) and Hair Brushes (£7.99 - £12.99)

My review:

Out of all the samples I was sent, my favourite was the 'Lay the Foundation' Cosmetic Brush. It's as good as the more expensive branded ones - soft, doesn't 'shed hair' and blend the foundation well and evenly. For just £4.99 I think it's better than the big branded ones. The pouch it came with is resealable so you can keep the brush in there as well.

I also like the tweezers. It's as good as any good tweezers, but the silicon-type material that wraps around the them gives it a good grip so I don't have to hold it as tight as the normal ones (in case it slips!)

The nail file has a rougher side and gentler side for different need. It would be perfect if the pointy tip was slightly sharper as my nails are quite short and I can't quite reach the bottom of my nails where they meet the finger.

The hair brush is quite interesting. You use a hair dryer to heat up the brush. When the brush turns white (See above picture) it means that it's just hot enough for brushing your hair. This way it minimises the heat damage done to your hair while styling.

The foot file is more for smoothing down rough skin than removing them.

The nail clippers were a bit of a disappointment to me as they don't clip very well. 

Overall, I think Urbanista is quite quirky, and I love the grip. It's definitely value for money. 

Disclosure: I was sent several samples to try; all opinions are honest and my own