Monday, 13 February 2012

Rose Flavour Milk Pudding

One of my childhood memory from Holland (Yes, I was born there, didn't I say? Oh well, now you know!) was Vla. If my memories has served me right, it was one of my favourite pudding.

Years later, when I came to the UK, I had milk pudding, and it very much reminded me of Vla. Although Vla is a type of custard, it's milkier, runnier and lighter. So I love milk pudding very much, although the stuff you get from the supermarket normally tasted more artificial or powdery.

Some time last week, Steenbergs contacted me with some of their lovely Rose products. I was looking at the samples and thought, cookies? But I've done Rose Butter Cookies before. Macarons? Erm, lets take a break from those. Jelly? Hmm why not.

So I got on with the jelly recipe, but thought that a transparent rose jelly isn't as attractive as a milky one. I'm glad I changed the recipe last minute! It was as I expected, delicate, milky, rosy, and reminded me of Vla very much! (Although I've never had Rose flavoured Vla before)

In this recipe, I've used both the rose petals (unfortunately you can't see it from this picture) and the rose water.

Rose flavour Milk Pudding:


400ml Milk
100ml Single Cream (or double for that extra luxurious creaminess)
35g Sugar
10g Rose Water
       Pink Colouring
5 Gelatine Leaves, soaked in cold water (check packet instructions, and add 1-2 extra leaves for a hard set)


1. Add everything apart from the gelatine in a non stick pot, dissolve the sugar and heat until it started smoking, with milk foam on top, but not boiling. Keep adding food colouring bit by bit until you are happy with it. You can add it in step 3 instead as well.

2. Remove from fire. Quickly squeeze excess water from the gelantine leaves and stir them into the milk until completely dissolved.

3. Sieve the milk into a jug, and skim off the foam on the top.

4. Pour the rose milk into a container and leave to set in the fridge, preferrably overnight.

I was going to decorate the top of this milk pudding with the rose petals I've got. I even poured one thin layer of milk pudding in the mould to let the petals set in them. But when I poured in the rest of the still warm milk pudding, the rose petals started floating away and ended up at the bottom!

About the products:

Rose Petals - Edible (4g)   £2.15
From India

Organic Rose Water (100ml) £3.75
Made through a simple water extraction of classic Persian Damask Rose blossom
Unsweetened and clear (ie no added colouring)

My review:

The rose petals are a fantastic idea. I have packets of rose flower buds but they came with the 'cup' which I had to remove for baking (unless I use them to make tea). They would have been great for decorating this pudding if they didn't float away to the 'bottom' (top before I turned it out of course). When you open the jar, it smells strongly of rose tea.

I love the organic rose water. I used to buy rose water from a supermarket and it was just water enhanced with rose essence. This pure rose water smelled much stronger, and it's not expensive either comparing to the one I bought before.

If you don't like rose flavour, why not try this milk pudding recipe with other flavours such as the classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, or go for lemon, banana, raspberry, almond, mango, etc. So what flavour do you like for a milk pudding?

Disclosure: I was given a sample of rose petals and rose water for reviewing; recipe and honest opinions are my own