Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Travelling by Car with Easily Bored Child

(Contains sponsored link; everything else is me)

I used to live with my eldest brother A while I was studying in Uni, which was quite close to where my second eldest brother F live, until hubby found a job up North. So now every time we wanted to meet up, we would take a 2 hours drive down to A's, and occasionally 4 hours to F's. It used to be so much easier before we had kids.

Now that Abby is close to 4, she started to complain a LOT in the car:

(5 minutes after we left the house) "Muummmyy!!! Why does it take sooo long to go to the shopping centre (which is 20 minutes away from our house) ???"

(10 minutes after we left the house) "Is that (point at random house by the traffic lights) the restaurant we are going to?"

If you have spoken to a child before, you'll know how frustrating it is to try to explain to them why shops, restaurants and family aren't just around the corner. Once, she suggested to walk to Hello Kitty (aka Sanrio) Land that is in Japan. So the easiest way to keep peace in the car, especially for a long journey, is to keep her (very looking forward to when "her" becomes "them". Not.) entertained.

I know a lot of people will opt for TV screen or whatever Pad in the car to keep the little ones occupied at the back. But I'm sure they are extremely bad for the eyes, let alone the possibility of car sickness (not that Abby has shown any sign of it yet), so it's not an option for us.

The first thing I'd normally do is to pack her favourite snacks, hoping that it will keep her occupied for long enough until she fell asleep. We'd also play music in the car. She loves to sing along to slow music, and on most occasions they lulled her to sleep.

A few times she woke up before we hit our destination, we'd chat to her, make her sing for us (songs she created herself), or distract her with anything we can see outside, for example, sheep, sunset, traffic lights, emergency lights, etc. It's really educational, and it kept her mind occupied. For us, it's amusing to see how her brain functions while we chat!

And when all has failed, we resort to stopping over at the next service station to give her a stretch.

Just the above has kept her out of mischief for us. I suppose we are blessed that she falls asleep in the car easily!

I do wonder though: how fab would it be if we upgrade to a seven seat car, and let others such as grandparents do the entertaining, while we enjoy our car ride?!