Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day: Royal Icing Iced Cookies

The last time I made royal icing iced cookies was for Abby's 3 years old birthday. It didn't go very well as the cookies has gone soft after icing them. And I suspect that the cookie recipe wasn't very suitable for icing cookies as the cookie wasn't flat on the top but a bit dome-shaped.

The only icing cookies recipe I know that turns out flat and sharp looking tasted a bit more like short pastry than a cookie, so I haven't been making these since.

I found Red Ted Art's guest post by Biscuit Village on Pinterest, and not only did the cookies look amazing, there is a very detailed step by step guide on how to ice the cookies, and a cookie recipe that is scrummy as well! Not only that, but it didn't require any eggs at all! I remember times where I wanted to bake cookies but had no eggs at all at home. Wish I saw this recipe then!

So I made these heart shaped iced cookies the day before Valentine's Day, hoping to post the result up by then. But Monday night turnt out to be hectic and by the time we've finished dinner and put Abby to bed, I lost the motivation to finish off decorating the cookies. Ah well, next time.

I think my icing for lining the cookies was a bit too hard, so you can still see the lining. Plenty of room for improvement!

Anyway, for the recipe and some beautiful pictures, pop over to Red Ted Arts' royal icing iced cookies post :)