Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Avocado Milkshake with a Twist

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I have learnt to make this drink through my friends from Singapore while I was in Uni. Before that, I have never tried avocados before, maybe because Chinese only see the bad in it (it is fattening!) and completely ignored the goodness of it (Omega 3, hellooo!).

Not only is this drink healthy (and fattening, yes), it is really yummy too! Then of course there is sugar and a touch of coffee, making it so delicious!

(Serves 1)


1 Small Avocado, flesh only
3-4 tsp Caster Sugar
1tsp Instant Coffee (replacable with cocoa powder)
500ml Milk

- Blend everything with a few tablespoon of the milk until smooth (I love bits of avocados in mine). Pour into a pint glass and stir in the rest of the milk.