Thursday, 29 March 2012

Banana and Avocado Mousse Cake

coffee cake, chocolate cake, banana mousse, avocado
Inspired by the Avocado Milkshake I made two days ago, and the bunch of going-to-rot-soon-in-this-weather bananas, I decided to do an experiment and made this Banana and Avocado Mousse Cake.
I made a mistake by not listening to all the signs shouting at me yesterday that it was not a day to be making cake. The cake slipped twice and some of the avocado mousse seeped through the bottom of the tin. It wasn't as bad as last year, however, when this cake disaster happened. At least I could still serve this cake. But if I had a better day, I would make the cake and banana mousse layers thinner, and the avocado mousse layer thicker.
Anyway. Each component of the cake was delicious, and yummy combined as well. Just wish that the mousse layers were a bit more balanced. I still managed to impress my dear hubby and we both enjoyed the cake very much. Both mousses are very light, sweet and, well, moussey, and the chocolate-coffee cake is delicious even on it's own. My favourite is the layer of pecan nuts I put on the cake!
coffee cake, chocolate cake, banana mousse, avocado
(Make 6" cake)
For the Chocolate-Coffee Cake
63g Unsalted Butter, softened
67g Sugar
2 Eggs
53g Plain Flour
4g Instant Coffee
6g Cocoa Powder
Pinch Salt
Pecan Nuts
Preheat the oven to 180C, and prep a 6" cake tin
1. Cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Beat an egg at a time in the butter, making sure it is well incorporated into the butter.
3. Sieve and fold in flour, coffee, cocoa powder and salt into the mixture.
4. Pour the mixture into the prepped tin, and gently press pecan nuts all over the top.
5. Bake for 20 minutes until cooked.
6. Remove from oven and cool on a cooling rack.
For the Mousses
142ml Single Cream
4 Gelatin Leaves, soaked in cold water to soften for 5 minutes
2 Ripe Bananas, blended until smooth
2 Small Avocados, blended until smooth
1/2tsp Instant coffee
284ml Whipping Cream
4Tbsp Sugar
1. Heat the single cream until it started to bubble. Turn off fire, squeeze out excess water from gelatin leaves and quickly add them to the cream. Stir until dissolved.
2. Pour half of the cream into the banana puree, mix well. Pour the rest of the cream and add the instant coffee into the avocado puree and mix well. Leave both to cool at room temperature.
3. Whip the whipping cream and sugar until it has just started to set.
4. Gently mix half into the banana cream until combined, and the rest in the avocado cream until combined as well.
1. Remove 1cm of cake around the edge so the cake is 1cm smaller in diameter. Place it into a deep 6" bottomless cake tin that has the base wrapped tightly with clingfilm, and placed on a cake board.
2. Pour the avocado mousse all over and even the top. Then slowly pour the banana mousse on top, making sure that the top is smooth and even.
3. Wrap the top with cling film, carefully not touching the mousse, and freeze for 2 hours to set.
4. To remove the cake from the tin, gently heat the edge of the tin with a blowtorch or something equivalent, then gently lift up the tin. It should slowly slide off the cake.

  • I have adjusted the recipe after I made the cake for a better result
  • I added lemon juice on both purees, attempting to stop them from oxidising, but it only worked at the beginning. So I've removed it from the recipe.
  • It is best to use bananas that has just started showing black spots on the skin. It means that the banana's texture and sweetness is just right. Same applies to other banana recipes, if you want the best result, only use bananas that has just started showing black spots.