Thursday, 1 March 2012

MacLaren Universal Expandable Footmuff

MacLaren Universal Expandable Footmuff
You can unstrap the base of the top layers to open them fully
Last week I wrote a review for the MacLaren Techno XT stroller that we bought recently. Not only did the lovely PR at MacLaren gave me additional information for my post, she also gave me MacLaren's new universal expandable footmuff to review.

The footmuff is not available for buying yet, but I definitely recommend you to keep an eye out for it!

MacLaren Universal Expandable Footmuff
Length extended by unrolling the base
About the product:
  • £65.00 RRP
  • Provides luxurious padding for entire length of seat
  • Centre zip front panel for easy, quick access to baby
  • Small side mesh pockets for ventilation
  • Fleece inner lining

My review:

When I first touched the footmuff, the first thing that came to mind was a really cosy sleeping bag. It was thick, warm and so comfortable I wanted one for myself! In fact, Clay slept much longer in his buggy with this footmuff!

It's really easy to strap the footmuff on the buggy, and it fitted perfectly on our MacLaren stroller. The straps on the top ensure that the footmuff won't slide down, which many others do.

MacLaren Universal Expandable Footmuff
Velcro straps at the top that sticks to the back of the stroller, holding it in place
MacLaren Universal Expandable Footmuff
Strap around the side bars to hold the base in place
The footmuff zips up to just under Clay's chin, keeping him warm, which was exactly what I was looking for. I had two footmuffs before and they only zipped up to under the baby's arm, which did nothing to the upper body!

It's very easy to expand at the bottom as well, if your baby has grown out of the current length. Another product that will keep for years!

If you are looking for a soft, comfortable and warm footmuff that covers the upper body and will last for years (value for money!), this is definitely the one you should go for.

Disclosure: I was given a footmuff to review; all opinions are honest and my own