Sunday, 25 March 2012

Natural Vegetarian Jelly - Agar-Agar

vegetarian, Agar-Agar, jelly for vegetarian
My favourite jelly is made with Agar-Agar, some kind of gelatin derived from red algae. I love it because the texture is firm and crispy (very hard to describe what kind of crispness, you must try it for yourself!), and tastes clean and refreshing. Not only that, it is 100% vegetarian, and it is much healthier than the usual gelatin as it contains 80% of fibre.

vegetarian, Agar-Agar, jelly for vegetarian
Agar-Agar comes in the above or powdered form. I definitely recommend using powdered ones as it took me forever to melt two of this down.

We don't normally add flavourings in Agar-Agar like we do for jelly, as the sweetness from white sugar is enough to bring out the delicate, fragrant flavour of the Agar-Agar itself. We do colour them, however, or add fruits in clear Agar-Agar.

Another thing Agar-Agar can do that jelly can't, is act as a kind of decoration. It can withstand warmth better than jelly, and as it is firm, you can use mini cookie cutters to cut all sorts of shapes out of it and place them on top of cakes such as a mousse cake. I have seen people sprinkle mini Agar-Agar stars around the top, making the cake look all sparkly, really attractive! Perhaps I'll do that for mine one day!