Monday, 26 March 2012

Save the Children UK - The Smile Foundation

Save the Children, uk charity

I used to think that children in poverty in the UK are those whose parents are always away from home, and words such as 'abuse', 'alcoholic', 'benefits' always come to mind.

Apparently, any children under the age of eighteen in the UK who's family has a household income of 60 percent below the median income, where the median is the income earned by the household in the middle of the income distribution, is classed as being in poverty, and last year there were 2.5 million children in the UK under that classification.

Save the Children UK have been helping children in deprived area by giving groups of young people/ children a budget of £1000 to make a local change that will make a difference to children growing up in poverty, through their programme called In the Backyard. One of the group in Glasgow called themselves The Smile Foundation (as they would like to bring a smile to every child's face). They believe that the main route out of poverty is education. However, many children doesn't get the support for their education they need from home. Hence with the support of In the Backyard, they've created a film called 'U'.

Through this short film, they wanted to send the message across, telling parents that it is important for them to support their children at home, for the children to be able to achieve their full potential at school.  However, the film also showed that the children understood that it is not always easy to do this. So at the end of the film, they would like you to suggest how this can be done, by answering the following questions:

Can you make a difference to your child?
What would you do?
What would your pledge to your child be?

I think it is easy to lose yourself in this economy, where most people are struggling to make ends meet, forgetting that you work for life, not live to work. I like to believe that all parents love their children, and even though life is hard, surely you should be able to find some time to give your child the support they need, let alone the quality time you are suppose to spend with them anyway.

Recently I had a conversation with hubby about money. We believed that even the richest person in the World must not have enough money as he will have more expensive things to spend on. Humans' wants are unlimited (basic Economics, bla bla). So no matter how hard you work, you will always be behind. Then why not slow down that tiny bit, enjoy life a little bit, and spend some more time with your children who won't stop growing up?

I believe that no matter what qualification you have, you can make a difference to your child. You can always spend a good family outing at one of the museums, for example. Or do crafty things with them, pop into the library, play educational games, etc. Even if you can only spare 15 minutes a day, it is a difference and your child will appreciate it.

I am thankful that I can afford to be a stay at home mum during our children's early years. To be honest I was expecting Abby to have homework now before she started pre-school but apparently the education system is quite different even though Hong Kong used to be a British colony. I was ready to sit with her everyday to do them. I will still be ready to help her with anything throughout her life.

Anyway. The Smile Foundation are asking parents to make a pledge to their child/ children as part of their campaign. They are hoping to reach at least 150 pledges on their Facebook page. So here is mine:

I pledge to my children that I will be more patient with them throughout their learning/ education.

I'm a very impatient person you see. What about you? Do you think you can make a difference to your child? What will your pledge be to your child?

Disclosure: I wrote this post out of good cause