Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Support Cancer Research UK - Give Up Clothes for Good

TKMaxx, Cancer Research UK, Give Up Clothes for Good campaign

tots100 is holding a blog carnival to support TK Maxx's new charity campaign - Give Up Clothes for Good, to help raise money for Cancer Research UK to fund their childhood cancer research.

In the past, I have donated a lot of my old clothes to charity, but as many others would do, I hoarded kept my favourite pieces that I couldn't let go. It's always: "one day I'll fit into this again" or "there might be another occasion for this" or "but it's so pretty and I've only worn it once!".

TKMaxx, Cancer Research UK, Give Up Clothes for Good campaign
But to be able to raise more money, quality items are needed, and instead of keeping my favourite pieces in a box shoved deep inside the loft, I might as well put them to good use. One of the item I will be donating is the above top.

TKMaxx, Cancer Research UK, Give Up Clothes for Good campaign
I really liked this gold colour (darker than the pictures) top, which I wore to my brother's wedding (before I had babies), and that was the only time I wore it. I love the neckline and that it shimmers (I love bling!). I have been holding on to it, because I have hope that one day I can fit in it again. One day!

But since I have no idea when that one day will be, and Cancer Research UK need it now more than I do, I will give this top up, together with my other clothes that one day might fit me again.

What about you, will you give up your favourite clothes, shoes and accessories, or even books, discs and home ware for a better cause?

If you will, you can bring in your quality items to any TK Maxx stores in the UK during 1st to 30th April, which they will collect and use to raise the money needed.

If you are a blogger, why don't you join tots100's blog carnival, show and tell us about one of your favourite piece of clothing - where you wore it, why it means so much and what memories it evokes, which you will be donating for Give Up Clothes for Good?

I want to tag some blogger friends to participate, but there are so many of you, and I'm sure some of you either are participating already, or have been tagged too. So whoever you are, if you are reading this, YOU ARE TAGGED! Come on, show me what you've got :)

Give Up Clothes for Good campaign videos:

A message from Tyler's mum (15 secs) http://youtu.be/l5A3beYvkpc
A survivor's story (1 min) http://youtu.be/4DIFGQUZiX0
TK Maxx overall campaign video (2 mins 30) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkWUPohkvSg
Disclosure: I wrote this post for good cause