Friday, 20 April 2012

Annabel Karmel Easy Peasy Meal Kits

Test kits, with meat and fish provided for testing;
packaging will be different of course

I was chosen to be one of Annabel Karmel's new product Easy Peasy Meal Kit taste tester, and they have sent me 2 meal kits to try.

The idea is that they sell the prepared vegetables and sauce for a meal, and you can choose any meat or fish to go with it and cook your meal from scratch. You can then either give your child a portion of the meal and save the rest for later for him/ her, or you can serve a family of four with the meal.

Traditional Pack

Fried up the vegetables, added stock and made a creamy sauce

Added fish chunks and pieces of cheese (suppose to grate them)

Added mash on the top and sprinkled with more cheese

Although the vegetables are washed and chopped, it was not as 'easy peasy' as I expected. I had to prepare the potatoes for the mash, and while I was waiting for the potatoes to boil, I could have prepared the vegetables myself. To be qualified for 'easy peasy', I believe that the preparation time should not be more than 5 to 10 minutes. I would also have preferred the vegetables to be chopped smaller for a pie, especially for children.

However, the pie was delicious, and the quality of the vegetables were fairly good. The sauce was not the usual cream, stock and herb, it has more ingredients in it. I'm quite happy to just buy a bottle of the sauce.

Ethnic Pack

Lovely Broccoli and Sugarsnap Peas

Red onion, Babycorn and yellow Pepper


Added broccoli, sugarsnap peas, sauce and stock

Thickening the sauce with corn starch water

Served with plain boiled rice

This meal kit is definitely easy peasy, all I had to do was dicing the chicken breasts and boil some water for the stock. The rest is just about frying the ingredients.

I decided to stir-fry the onions first instead of browning the chicken as that is how Chinese fragrant their wok (oil). It smelled fantastic and nothing like the normal onions we buy from the shops. I still think that the vegetables can be chopped smaller, but the size is about right for adults. Again, it can serve a whole family of four.

I will definitely recommend this meal kit if you want to cook from scratch but you don't have much time, and please sell your sauces in bottles as well Annabel!

Disclosure: I was sent 2 meal kits to try for the taste testing. It was my own decision to blog about the food; all opinions are honest and my own