Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Bourjois, nail varnish remover, nail polish remover

As a busy mum who loves to occasionally doll herself up, a chance to try new beauty products is always welcome. So I was happy to be chosen to try out the new Bourjois nail polish remover. I wondered what more they can bring to this market to make their product stand out.

Apparently it is a nail polish remover that not only works without cotton wools, it should also wipe nail polish off your finger in a second. Sounds like the perfect remover for a busy mum!

Bourjois, nail varnish remover, nail polish remover

I quickly tried it out, but was slightly disappointed that it didn't remove the nail polish off my finger instantly. Instead of putting your finger in the sponge and twist, you have to rub your finger in it to really get the nail polish off. It was definitely quicker though if there was only one coating of nail polish on the nail. My other concern was that I still have to buy a separate remover for my toes.

However, I really liked this product. It is stronger than other removers I've tried, and I believe that it would have saved my time anyway even if I have to use it with a cotton wool. It contains sweet almond oil that keeps my nails nourished after using the remover and I like to rub the extra oil into my finger tips to make them soft and smooth. Also, my fingers came out from the jar smelling lovely like berries and vanilla (after the alcohol has evaporated) instead of a harsh alcohol smell. Just make sure you do not smell it from the jar (speaking from experience).

Overall it is a lovely product, and the only thing that will make me consider before buying it would be because I have to buy another remover for my toes. If you have no such problem, I would definitely recommend it. You can buy it now from Boots for £4.99 (125ml).