Thursday, 19 April 2012


Two weeks ago we were sent a GroClock to try out. With Abby waking up too early for my liking, it could be the perfect solution!

Sleeping mode on

Orange indicates waking up

This is how wake up time looks like
GroClock is a clock that teaches children who normally wakes up too early when it is an okay time to get up. Instead of looking out the window and tell the time by how bright or dark it is (which is wrong most of the time), Abby just need to look at the clock. If the clock is blue with stars, it's not wake up time yet (or perhaps in yours case, it's ok to toss in the bed for longer). If it is yellow with a sun, then it is time to wake up (or okay to wake the parents up)

It has two settings for you to set two different wake-up time, one for nigh-time sleep, and one for daytime nap. Or perhaps one for the weekend, if you prefer. It also has an individual alarm you can set, and a digital clock you can choose to show or hide. If your child is quite touchy-touchy, you can lock the keys with the key-lock function as well.

The clock is fantastic and really worked. I just needed to tell Abby: Do not wake us up until you see a yellow sun. She has left me alone for now! The GroClock also acted as a nightlight, which you can dim/ brighten according to your preference.

GroClock is retailed £29.99, and you get a clock with alarm, nightlight, a bedtime story book and a better sleep!

Disclosure: I was sent a GroClock to review; all opinions are honest and my own