Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mocha Cake

This is the same cake I used for my Banana and Avocado Mousse Cake cake base. It was that yummy. But this time I've gotten impatient. I didn't cream the butter and sugar properly, so the mixture curdled. Which shouldn't be a big problem, but then I took the cake out when it hasn't been fully cooked. That toothpick I used to test the cake told me it was done!

By the time I noticed this, the cake has already cooled down. I was thinking of throwing it away, but I didn't want to waste a cake that was really scrummy. So I put the cake back in the oven, and took it out again after 20 minutes, when the butter started to melt. (Let's out a long sigh)

However, after cooling the cake down for the second time, it wasn't that bad really. It was a little bit dry, and a bit chewy, but the mocha flavour was fantastic and the cake was crispy on the top that I liked. My favourite was still the Pecan Nuts.

What have I learnt this time? Use a skewer instead of toothpick to test the cake, and poke at a few areas instead of just one.