Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pure Tea

Pure Tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea

Like British, Chinese drink a lot of tea. We either drink it to get rid of the greasiness after a meal, or for some people, to really appreciate the art of drinking tea. I would like to say that, as a Chinese myself, I know how to drink tea, but I honestly don't. However, I do have my favourite, and we can at least tell the difference between different teas. So when Pure Tea offered samples of their tea to review, I did not hesitate.

I was sent three of their twelve flavours - Natural Mint, Black Lavender and Golden Chamomile. The pyramid organza tea bags came inside cute little boxes that look clean and stylish.

Pure Tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea
Golden Chamomile

Pure Tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea
Natural Mint

Pure Tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea
Black Lavender

Both me and hubby really liked their tea. You can tell that it is made of good quality tea leaves as the tea is very smooth with depth. The Chamomile was very fragrant throughout, while the mint was surprisingly delicious. The Lavender smelled milder than I thought it would, so none of the medicine kind of smell. The balance between the black tea leaves and the Lavender flowers was perfect.

None of the tea did I add sugar in, but they were all lovely and can definitely do without. Although it is just one teabag, each of them can provide at least 2 cups of tea, while the Black Lavender can easily make 3 cups.

They have lovely packaging for display that looks quite posh, and they sell home-made French macaroons as well as Chocolate truffles to go with the teas. You can either buy 18 of the same flavoured tea for £6.45 (for their White Line teas), or £2.90 for 6 different flavoured teas of the same blend.

Disclosure: I was sent tea samples to review; all opinions are honest and my own