Friday, 27 April 2012

Raspberry Tiramisu

Tiramisu recipe, Raspberry Tiramisu

I bought a pack of Mascarpone Cheese and a packet of lady fingers about 2 weeks ago, but have been too busy to make something out of them. I thought of making a Tiramisu, but I wanted to do something different. I spent ages wondering what else I can make, but decided to save my brain juice and make a Raspberry Tiramisu instead that would have a luxury chocolate sauce coating the lady fingers, with a pink marbled soft and creamy Mascarpone cheese on top. 

I created this recipe on the spot while having a splitting headache, so it didn't quite come out as I wanted. However it was really delicious and much lighter than its original version. The raspberry coulis has balanced out the heaviness from the cream and chocolate, yet stayed low-key enough to not overpower the rest of the flavours. Next time I must make it with home-made lady fingers though, as these extra special ones were really disappointing.

Note: This is a children friendly Tiramisu. If you want the booze, you can add something like a tbsp (or two) baileys to the chocolate sauce 

Tiramisu recipe, Raspberry Tiramisu

(Make an 8" Square cake)


80g Raspberries (frozen is fine)
60g Granulated Sugar
80g Dark chocolate (60%), chopped
30g Milk
20g Warm Water (plus more for adjustment)
2 packets of lady fingers
175g Mascarpone Cheese, softened
284ml Double Cream
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
25g Caster Sugar

Tiramisu recipe, Raspberry Tiramisu


1. Gently heat the raspberries and granulated sugar until everything has dissolved into a thick liquid. Strain the pips and keep the coulis aside.

2. Melt the dark chocolate on a deep plate over a bowl of hot water. Stir in the milk until it has combined into a glossy thick cream.

3. Add the warm water bit by bit, mixing well each time, until it is runny enough to drip off a lady finger (not your finger)

4. Put the container you will be using nearby. Take a lady finger out and quickly coat it with the chocolate sauce. Drip any extras back to the plate before you lay it down in the container with the sugar side on top. Keep doing this until you have a layer of lady fingers covering the bottom of the container.

Note: If the chocolate sauce has become too thick to coat the fingers, add a bit more warm water and mix well before continuing.

5. In a large bowl, whip the cheese, cream, vanilla essence and caster sugar together until it is creamy and there are no more lumps.

6. Pour 1/3 of cream onto the lady fingers in the container. Before spreading it out, add 1/3 of Raspberry coulis on top of the cream. Now gently spread it out evenly and try to create a marble effect without over mixing the cream and coulis (like I did).

7. Make another layer of chocolate fingers on top of the cream, and pour any left over chocolate sauce on them.

8. Pour the rest of the cream and raspberry coulis on top and spread out evenly.

9. Cover and leave the Tiramisu in the fridge to set and develop (flavours) for at least an hour, although for fuller flavours I would say overnight.

10. Serve with fresh raspberries and crushed meringue if it's not sweet enough.