Friday, 6 April 2012

tommee tippee explora Weaning Pack

tommee tippee, explora, weaning
About a month ago, Tesco's Baby Club contacted me through Twitter, telling me that I have won one of tommee tippee's weaning pack through their Twitter competition. They caught me by surprise as I have completely forgotten about entering it!

When the pack has finally arrived, we were really excited as the box was bigger than I expected. It surprised us even more as there were lots of goodies inside! We have been using tommee tippee's weaning products when we weaned Abby, and we were impressed by their new design and packaging. Thumbs up from us!

I decided to give away the pack of spoons as we still have those from 3 years ago that were also from tommee tippee. They are quite durable and I prefer their colour changing ones that tells the temperature of the spoon. 

I am also giving away the sippy cup. We have bought 2 of the same cups and another 3 of the older kids' version, but we've finally given up on them because we always ended up with black moulds trapped under the mouth piece of the cup where it seals the water in to make it spill-free. Perhaps it's the way I wash my dishes. I don't like to soak dishes in their own grease...

tommee tippee, explora, weaning
This bowl is definitely a keeper even though we have a stack of the older model. I love their new smaller but deeper design, plus there is a rough edge for you to mash up the food, very thoughtful!

tommee tippee, explora, weaning
We also have the older version of this (didn't realise we were such a huge fan when we were weaning Abby until now haha!), but the lid was removable. I like this new version as I don't have to try to find the lid, and the base is soft so you can press the food out. I don't think the pots holder is necessary as I prefer to stack them up. And it's easier to find smaller places in the freezer or fridge to shove them in.

I've forgotten to take a picture of the food blender as I was too eager to try it out, and made an Avocado Milkshake with it. It is great to have a small blender to do a quick puree instead of using a much bigger machine to do the job. But maybe because of the size, it is quite noisy. And also because of the size, the inner part of the blade piece where it slots into the container becomes hard to clean, which means that you'll need a small brush to clean it.

I have used this blender to puree avocado and banana. The avocado were a bit on the raw side so it was quite hard to blend it. I had to add milk to get it going. I assume that for baby food you'll need to add boiled water. The banana was much softer, on the verge of going bad, but there was a small chunk that the blender couldn't get. I don't think it's really a big deal as it can go straight into my tummy while I use the rest of the puree!

Overall, I am over the moon that I have won the weaning pack. Apart from the spoons and cup, all are frequently used, including the blender as it saves me from taking out the bigger gadget for a smaller job!

Thank you again, Tesco's Baby Club and tommee tippee for the lovely prize!