Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Chocolate Coated Rice Crispies

chocolate, chocolate rice crispies, chocolate rice krispies

Last month, we went to Peppa Pig World and stayed at Premier Inn for a night on Easter Sunday. Upon arrival, Abby was given a free Easter chocolate egg of her choice. She chose a Disney Princess one that has a hollow chocolate egg, some mini marshmallows and a chocolate bar. That chocolate bar was heaven! I (yes, I. And nope, I didn't feel guilty at all) just can't forget about it and had to find out where I can buy them.

I checked the box, but I had no clue who made it. I searched the supermarkets afterwards, but there wasn't any apart from Kellog's Rice Krispies Square, which I was certain wasn't the same thing as the bar I had was coated with a good layer of milk chocolate. It was a bit like eating a Kit Kat, but instead of a wafer biscuit, it was puffy (I'll explain later why I have to emphasise on its puffiness) rice crispies mixed with more milk chocolate.

I wasn't about to give up. I can be a very determined person when it comes to situations like this. So I bought a bag of rice crispies (ASDA value range, 70p for 440g) and 2 bars of Green & Black milk chocolate (funny combination isn't it).

chocolate, chocolate rice crispies, chocolate rice krispies

We melted the chocolate, and poured in as many rice crispies as the bowl would hold. 

chocolate, chocolate rice crispies, chocolate rice krispies

After mixing it, I spread it out in a tin and let it set in the fridge. I thought it tasted a bit bitter so I sprinkled icing sugar all over it. I then coated 1/3 of it in 60% dark chocolate, ate 1/3 while doing that (with hubby and Abby, of course) and drizzled the left over chocolate on the rest of the rice crispies cake.

chocolate, chocolate rice crispies, chocolate rice krispies

This is a good example of chocolate that has not been tempered. You get all these white streaks making the chocolate look inedible (it's still nice) , melts easy and doesn't give you that snap when you bite into it.

It was still very nice, but it's not that chocolate bar I had in Premier Inn. The chocolate coating was tempered and thicker, and the rice crispies inside was white and very puffy (like the white bits on a pop corn!). It was still crispy but much softer to bite into, which makes it really nice. I think the ASDA ones I bought was over baked (or fried?) and it was a bit hard.

So, did any of you tried the Disney Princess Easter egg, and have tried that chocolate bar I am talking about? Do you perhaps know where I can find it?