Thursday, 31 May 2012

Clarks Summer Jubilee Collection

When Abby started walking, we decided that her first pair of shoes had to be special and good for her little feet. We didn't need to discuss and both agreed that it had to be Clarks shoes. The process from choosing the right pair of shoes to fitting was really pleasant, and the sales was ever so patient. She made it even more special by taking a Polaroid picture of Abby in her first shoes, which we have now kept it in her keepsake box.

After she grew older, we started to buy her shoes from other places. We have no doubt that Clarks shoes are better for her, but it would hurt our wallets a lot if we buy shoes for running, sandals, boots and wellies from Clarks, about twice a year.

Funny thing is, every health adviser and feet specialist we spoke to, all recommended shoes from Clarks by naming their brand. They are the best fitted and most supportive shoes that helps children's feet to develop.

Although we can't afford to buy all our children shoes from Clarks, we certainly will buy them whenever possible.

At the moment Clarks are doing a Summer Jubilee kids collection, and they are really adorable!

Clarks, clarks children shoes, children shoes

This Rio Wish (£32.00) has two gems at the front, making it all sparkly and angelic. The Active Air cushioning makes it even more comfortable to wear.

Clarks, clarks children shoes, children shoes

Sunset Love (£30.00) is one of my favourite, as it is pretty and stylish! They have added a zip at the back to make it easier to put it on, which is very clever. They also do a lovely light pink one, matching the name perfectly. Very romantic!

Clarks, clarks children shoes, children shoes

Aren't these cute?! Cruiser Time (£24.00) is no doubt the most suitable first shoes for the little feet!

Clarks, clarks children shoes, children shoes

I wonder whether these will be Clay's first shoes when he starts to walk, I love the name Piranha Boy (£16.00) and the little feisty Piranhas on the shoes. Love the colour combination, and the price is not bad either!

Clarks, clarks children shoes, children shoes

Awwww look at these Diplosand (£26.00) in Tan colour! I just bought Clay an orange top and this will go perfectly well with it! The navy one is £10 off though, hmmm decision decision.

All this online shopping really makes me want to buy a pair now, but for better fitting, it's best to pop into their shop.