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Jubilee 2012 Merchandise Guide and Giveaway

Diamond Jubilee official logo, Queen Diamond Jubilee, Diamond Jubilee
British Diamond Jubilee logo designed by
ten years old Katherine Dewar
Selected through a contest held by BBC children's programme Blue Peter

The big day is here soon. The once in a lifetime (well, for most of us anyway) Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 's celebration is upon us, and shops are flooded with all sorts of merchandises. There are so many that it is almost impossible to know them all.

So I have included a small selection here, and hopefully you'll find something you would like to keep for this big day. There is also a giveaway for some lovely Diamond Jubilee related products. So keep on reading :)

This guide is split into the following sections:

Fashion & Accessories
Games &Toys

Note: The links are embedded in the merchandise names, should you be interested in finding where to buy them, or want more information about them.


MerryDown Cider, Cider, Jubilee Cider

(Available from Tesco, ASDA and Morrissons; Vintage Dry available at ASDA only)

A combination of crisp eating apples fermented with yeast from the Champagne-Ardenne region.

I never liked apple cider before, and I only drink pear or strawberry cider as they are much sweeter and easier to drink. However, MerryDown Vintage Medium is even more easy to drink than some pear ciders. You can taste the apple and there is almost no bitterness coming from the alcohol when it's served chilled. Don't get fooled though, as it contains 7.5% alcohol, more than the usual ciders. Don't forget this while you go through bottle after bottle of these!

MerryDown is currently running a competition to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics until 31st December 2012. Just peel off the sticker on the bottle neck and see whether you have won something nice, for example, street party kit including a 4 sided Gazebo, gardening kit, craft book of your choice, etc. For more information click on the blue link above.

Victory Tea, Jubilee Tea, free teabags
from £5.00 for 80 teabags (approx 6p per teabag) to £30 for 1600 teabags ( approx 2p per teabag) 
or £1.50 for trial pack (16 teabags)

Premium online bulk-buy tea that is 100% blended and packed in the UK

This tea has a stronger tea leaves smell and has more flavour than what the usual teabags have that you can buy from the supermarket. All teabags are foiled wrap to ensure longer lasting quality. (Is that why my teas are tasting a bit funny lately?) 

If you don't know whether you'll like this tea, try their trial pack for only £1.50 (postage and packaging). You can also check how much you will be saving before buying by using their Cuppa Calculator (see blue link above)


Crowns&Regalia, Jubilee Souvenir, Jubilee Crown

This miniature set of Coronation Crown, Imperial State Crown and Sovereign's Sceptre are hand cast from lead free English pewter plated in 22ct Gold or Silver, encrusted with Swarovski Elements, by the craftsmen of Crowns&Regalia in the UK. 

This will make a quality souvenir to keep or to buy for someone else. It will look good on display, and represents Britain and the Jubilee really well.

Hand cast from lead free English pewter and 22ct gold plated by Crowns&Regalia in the UK.

This key chain has been claimed by Abby the moment she saw it and she told asked me to hang it on her bag. It is very pretty and detailed. If you need to buy a lot of souvenirs to giveaway, want it to be affordable yet still looks good, get this or the pencils below. 

Hand cast from lead free English pewter plated with 22ct Gold or Silver by Crowns&Regalia in the UK.

These pencils aren't just fancy, they are very smooth to write or draw with as well. The crown is slightly heavy but unnoticeable when in use.


limited edition Jubilee, limited edition tea cup, limited edition
Herend's Limited Edition Queen Diamond Jubilee
Tea Service   £385   Tea Plates   £49.80   Tea Cups and Saucers   £85.40
Available from the following London stores: Harrods, Thomas Goode, Fortnum & Mason, Herend & Meissen (on Walton Street)

The English Royal Family has been ordering their dinner services (I'm not very sure whether it's all or part of) from Herend since 1851, making this limited edition range extra special.

The range features their popular Apponyi pattern in an exclusive cobalt blue and gold combination. The knob on the regal teapot is shaped as a crown, and each piece has EIIR handpainted with gold as well as the date and issue number.

There is only 60 sets of the tea service, including a regal teapot, sugar dish and cream jug, 500 tea plates and 500 tea cups and saucers. If you are a collector, or know someone who is after fine porcelain, this is a must have. After all, it is a collection created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and probably used by the Royal Family as well!

Fashion & Accessories

case-mate, iomoi, iphone Jubilee case
case-mate, iphone designer case, jubilee case
Case-Mate Designer Mobile Phone Case by iomoi - British Flag   
£30 (Barely There or ID/ Credit Card cases) £40 (Tough cases) 
For iPhone 4/ 4s, iPhone 3/ 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, BlackBerry Bold 9900 & 9700, BlackBerry Curve 8520

The case is designed by a luxury lifestyle brand iomoi that creates timeless aesthetic with a modern twist, just like the British Flag design. It is stylish, modern, bright and fun! I love the bold orange and pink that will brighten up anyone's day! If only if they make them for Samsung Galaxy S2!

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Jubilee charity
Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

FTBC was set up by Ralph Lauren in 1994, who has united the fashion industry to raise awareness and funds for the cause. The UK division was set up 2 years later to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Every year British high street retailers including Debenhams, M&S, Laura Ashley, Top Shop, etc sell bespoke FTBC merchandise, with a minimum of 30% of the sale price being donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

This year they have a good selection of British themed products on sale. Take a look at the site (blue link above) to see what the participating retailers have to offer. They have a store locator function on the site to help you find the nearest branch that stocks the products.

Not only do you get to celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee in style, you can support Breakthrough Breast Cancer as well.

Hotter, Limited Edition shoes, Jubilee Limited edition

Hotter, the British shoemaker's best selling shoes Leanne has been given a 2012 British themed makeover. There are only 1,200 of this version (there is another model called Shake, also limited edition) and five out of eleven sizes are out of stock already.

Hotter shoes are made for comfort and comfort is what I got. The leather is really soft and it felt like walking on thickly padded floor, although it also means it's a bit less supportive on the sides. The shoes are very light in weight as well. They came with the original insoles and white shoelaces for you to change, which I think is very thoughtful, and a certificate, making it extra special.

Kit Heath, children jewellery, jubilee jewellery
Kit Heath (Children) Sterling Silver Pink and Blue Crown Charm Bead and Bracelet   
£15 for the bead   (For stockists info check here)

A two sided crown charm bead with royal blue enamel on one side and fuchsia pink on the other. You can buy their 6.5" (can be shortened) long Sterling Silver bracelet as well for £15 to put the bead on. Both items come with a luxurious gift box with a leather pouch inside for holding the bead/ bracelet.

The bead is really cute and pretty, and the size is great for small children. The design is very clever as well. The charm bead's hole goes through the bracelet in one angle and when you turn the bead it locks the bead inside, so it won't slide off from the bracelet. I gave this to Abby and she immediately wanted to collect more beads for her bracelet! I guess I'll start with collecting the beads to form her name.

MAM London Soothers   £4.75 rrp (Pack of two)
(Also available in ASDA)

Has a Silk Teat, which is made of extra soft silicone that has an anti-slip surface, and designed to assist baby's jaw and teeth development. The air holes on the shield provides airflow to the baby's skin, while the curved shield provides comfort.

Not only is it practical for babies, it is also fashionable. MAM is famous for their big range of designs, and they are collected by many parents. The London design is really cute and perfect for the occasion. There is a girly version as well with the British flag and the London bus.

Games & Toys

About Time Board Game, board games, Trivia
About Time Board Game, board games, Trivia
About Time Junior Edition   £31.95

Includes About Time 2011 edition and Junior Discovery Card Pack; has won the Bizziebaby Gold award for 2011-2012; Celebrity Master Chef winner Nadia Sawalha promotes About Time at the Toy Fair 2011; created in Britain

Q&A games can't get more exciting than this! Compete with the other teams (or players) by guessing the closest year to when the event has happened. Know nothing about history like me? You can still win by using the Timecards to give you clues, a digit of the year or even steal tokens to help you win with the Joker card!

To play the Junior version, simply slot the Junior card pack into the card holder and play with the board and tools.

About Time is not quite a Jubilee merchandise, but it's created by British, and it has questions relevant to the Royals. It is also perfect to play during the Jubilee holiday if you are gathering with family and friends but staying inside. I will certainly bring this with me to London when I visit our family during the holiday!

Carddies, colouring toys, children colouring
Carddies, colouring toys, children colouring
Carddies London   £8.99 rrp
(Click on the above link for stockists, or visit their amazon store)

A simple but good quality box of colouring cards suitable to fit in mummy's bag or daddy's pocket to keep the little ones entertained. Made from FSC certified where it is applicable materials, and hand drawn in the UK. The London set features iconic and familiar symbols and characters of the city, including the Queen, Grenadier Guard and a Beefeater, etc.

If you are going out to celebrate, you might want to keep a box of Carddies with you in case the little ones need to be entertained. The box measures approximately 6 x 4 x 1 inches and is fairly light in weight.

Outrange board game, Tower of London, board game
Outrange board game, Tower of London, board game
Outrange board game, Tower of London, board game
Travel Outrange!   £14.95      Outrange! Board Game   £39.50

The game is created with the help from the Tower of London for authenticity. Relevant playing pieces  for the board game were made by Crown&Regalia with English lead free pewter, and plated with 22ct gold or silver, while the travel version is made of magnetic pieces.

This game really keeps you on edge. Not only do you have to be the first to get to the jewels without getting caught, you will also want to hope that your opponents won't move you into a sticky situation. And even if you have reached the jewels, you still need to have the right tools with you to steal them. When you get the jewels, it will be time to find your way out before the warders or opponents get to you and take your hard work away! 

The game pieces for the board game are well made, and the gold or silver plated crown jewels really added a touch to the game. It makes stealing the crown jewels more fun than stealing plastic ones. The Travel Outrange! have magnetic pieces painted with shiny gold and silver paints.

The rules seems to be quitey hard to understand at first, so it's good to look at the game board while going through the rules and imagine the moves to give yourself a better understanding at how it works. I can't wait to play with my family during the holidays. Now that I have studied the map well, I am so going to win!

playing cards, deck of cards, Jubilee cards
Back of the cards are exactly the same as the front of the box
(apart from the red logo)
(From all good retailers or for more information click on the blue link above)

Playing cards made from the finest materials. The pack includes Queen Elizabeth II's pictures, family tree and Royal family quiz.

The cards are beautiful and they have used reflective gold and silver paint throughout, making the cards look very classy.

Disclosure: I have been given all of the above for review purposes apart from Herend's limited edition tea service collection, which I am compensated for, and FTBC, which I kindly refused their samples as it is for a good cause after all; all opinions are honest and my own


Would you like to win a total of £54 worth of goodies? Then enter my Jubilee giveaway now! Simply follow the Rafflecopter's instructions to enter.

The giveaways ends on 28th May, 2012 around 5am. The winner will be picked on the same day.

Terms & Conditions
  • For UK residents only
  • The winner will be emailed on 28th May, 2012 and should contact me within 24 hours. Another winner will be chosen after that. This is to ensure that the prizes will reach the winner before the Jubilee Bank Holiday. So please keep your eyes open for the announcement on the 28th.
  • The winner's shipping details will be passed on to Case-Mate, Jelly Belly UK and Stone's PRs so that they can post the prizes to the winner. I will be posting the Victory Tea trial pack and MAM soothers.

Good Luck! x

Case-mate, iphone case, Case-mate iphone case
Case-Mate Barely There Mobile Phone Case (iPhone 4/ 4S)   £20.00

Best-selling ultra-lightweight with a resilient design that looks as good as it feels. Impact resistant, smooth finish.

Case-mate supplies good quality and stylish mobile phone cases. They have a good collection of designs and colours with three types of cases, and you can even design your own case.

Note: The case in the colour of the winner's choice will be sent to him/ her by Case-Mate's PR.

jelly belly beans, jelly beans, jelly belly celebration beans
The prize will be one of the bottom large boxes
Free from fat, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts and gelatine; only 4 calories each bean; suitable for vegetarians

Contains 3 of the most popular Jelly Belly beans:

Very Berry - number 1 world-wide favourite for over 30 years
Coconut - one of the original 8 flavours made back in 1976
Blueberry - Specially made for a president

230g of Jelly Belly beans to celebrate the Jubilee! Would you mind if I enter this giveaway myself?!

Note: This will be posted to the winner by Jelly Belly UK

ginger wine, stone's ginger wine, limited edition wine
Stone's Limited Edition Green Ginger Wine x 2 (70cl each)   £10.98 (total)

Stone's Original Green Giner Wine in a limited edition packaging to celebrate the Best of British this Summer. Their well known distictive flavours and traditional recipe dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.

I'm not really good at drinking wine, otherwise I would be trying this already. You hear ginger beer all the time, but this is the first time I hear about Ginger Wine. If you have won, I would appreciate it very much if you can come back to me and let me know what it's like!

MAM soothers, pacifier, dummy
MAM London Soothers - Red and Blue (pack of two)   £4.75

See the above section for more information.

Note: A brand new pack will be sent to the winner by me.

victory tea, teabags, quality tea

See the above section for more information.

Note: A brand new pack will be posted to the winner by me.

Good Luck! x

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