Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Baby is One Today

A year ago, I was in the hospital pushing an 8lb baby out with epidural that did not work. I still remember a doctor (there were so many going in and out) telling me that the baby was suffering and I must push. It turned out that the baby was fine and the doctor actually specialised in C-section. I was her first natural case.

The first few months was hard. He would not feed without chewing my nipples off, and I almost gave up breastfeeding him a few times. His cries in the middle of the night echoed throughout the house, and we constantly wondered whether the neighbours have moved bedroom so they can get a better sleep. I was also getting upset as I was spending less time with my daughter and I felt really sorry for her.

Then suddenly, everything has settled down. We all got used to our life and routine, and time flew by so quick that it only seemed like yesterday when he was still a baby that could only lie in his cot, watching the sky.

One year later, this baby can already call dadee, mama and tzetze (big sister), waves at Baby Jake's brothers and sisters, hum out of tune songs, sit, crawl, stand, climb, walk with his walker, and stand on his own subconsciously. Within this year, he has grown so much we wish he could slow down a bit, stay as a baby for a bit longer. But seems like this baby can't wait!

No matter what, we wish the coming year will be filled with fun, excitements, happiness and laughter.

Happy Birthday! 

From your dearest mummy, daddy and sister xxx