Saturday, 5 May 2012

Privacy Policy


This is Life uses Blogger Stats, Google Analytics, Sitemeter, Rafflecopter and NeoCounter's third party cookies to help me understand who visits my blog, and what contents you are interested in, to help me improve it for you and other readers. I also have advertisements on my blog that might use cookies to monitor users preferences.

You can, however choose to delete or not to receive cookies on your computer.

To stop your computer from receiving cookies, click on your computer's 'Start' button and type 'cookies' in the search box. A window will pop out for you to change your computer's cookies settings.

To delete cookies in

Google Chrome, click on the spanner on the top right corner -> Tools -> Clear Browsing Data -> Tick Delete cookies
Windows Explorer, click on the wheel on the top right corner -> General Tab -> Browsing History section -> Click on 'Delete...' -> Tick Cookies -> Click 'Delete'

Unfortunately I haven't tried other browsers to know where the option is located.

Should you choose to continue using my blog without changing your browser preference, you are consenting to my use of cookies, which does not collect anything from your computer nor spy at your files, and I would like to thank you for your help to improve my blog's browsing experience.

Angela x