Thursday, 10 May 2012

School Lunch or Homemade Lunch?

school lunch, school dinner, lunchbox, bento

This September Abby will start her primary school life. There is much to look forward to. One of the thing I have planned to do for Abby (for two years now) was to make her Japanese Bento (lunchbox) to bring to school for lunch. They are interesting to eat and she loves them. It will encourage her to finish her food as well.

I never had any doubt about it until recently. For a start, she will not be eating school lunch like her friends. Yesterday when I was at school there is less than twenty lunch bags in the whole school, so the big majority are having school lunch. I'm also very sure that none of those lunch bags contains foreign food.

So my question is, if I send her to school with a Japanese Bento, do you think that her friends will think that she is different, and she'll end up being a target for bullying? Comments are much appreciated!