Friday, 22 June 2012

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live

Ever since Abby started watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - The Elf Games, she fell in love with the show. She could watch it a few times a day without getting bored. In fact, she's seen it for so many times she can cite exactly what they were saying! Although I don't mind keeping her entertained, there had to be a limitation. Especially when she started picking up some cheeky behaviours from Nanny Plum!

However, since she loves it so much, and even we enjoyed it (Nanny Plum is hilarious), we wouldn't want to miss Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom's first ever live show! That's right! The tour will start from the 26th October 2012 and you can find a list of tour dates on their official website, and follow their Facebook page for any updates. The BAFTA award-winning show is very popular, so expect the tickets to be sold out quickly! You might want to take a look and their information now and do some planning.

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