Friday, 15 June 2012

Born to be Yummy Cakes

Every day Abby will come to me and ask for a treat. Treats are nice but they can be unhealthy too. So I was intrigued when I heard about Born to be Yummy cakes, which claimed to be healthy and full of goodness. The owner was very kind and sent me their whole range to try.

According to their ingredients and information on the box, each of their products has hidden fruits or vegetables, at least 1/3 less sugar and 2/3 less saturated fat compared to other similar individually wrapped cakes. They also contain at least 1/3 less sugar than many other children's fruit based lunchbox snacks. There are no added salt nor artificial additives. It all sounded too good to be true!

Each of their individually wrapped cakes comes with a reusable sticker on it, so the little ones can stick it on themselves while eating the full of goodness cakes. Abby has been harassing her daddy with them though!

When I opened the wrapping, my first thought was how easy it was to unwrap the cakes. Little ones can easily unwrap these themselves by showing them how to do it, and it's easy to hold the cakes with the other half of the wrapper still wrapped around the cake to prevend mess.

All of their products has crushed linseeds to add that extra texture, and I loved feeling for them and biting on them.

Their Choca Doodle Choo (Chocolate & Apricot Crispies) are crispy but not harsh to the gum at all. It's got a chewy texture from the dried apricots, and is deliciously chocolatey. 

Bonkers Choca-na-na (Banana & Chocolate Flapjacks) has a hint of banana from the banana mash, and more of a oaty flavour. It also contains 2% of dark chocolate chips, which has a 66% cocoa mass.

The Flapple Jacks (Pineapple Flapjacks) are my favourite. It is sweet but not sickly sweet. The golden syrup flavour is there but not overpowering, and there is a hint of the pineapple puree.

Finally, their Ooey Gooey (Chocolate Brownies) contain freshly grated carrots that gives an interesting crunch to the dense but soft brownies. They are very tasty and chocolatey, with 72% cocoa solids.

I really liked their cakes and thought that they are great for my children as a snack. Although hubby thought that the flapjacks was a bit dry. I agree with him, but nothing can't be fixed with a good glass of milk!

Because of the owner's passion for creating nutritious treats that uses fresh ingredients, it was quite unfortunate that a couple of the chocolate brownies I was sent (not the one in the above picture) has started to go off due to natural spoilage before their best before date.

I liaised with the owner before publishing this review, as I think that their cakes are delicious, and it is unfair if I didn't give her a chance to investigate the problem. By doing this, you, the reader, can also find out how they deal with a problem like this.

According to their Quality Assurance Statement issued in July 2011, they were awarded 5 star/ Excellent Food Hygiene Rating, and they implement a systematised checklist, which is internationally recognised and recommended system of food safety management. This allows them to find out quickly where the problem occured when they receive a customer complaint. You can read more about their statement here.

And indeed, the owner was quick to respond and kept me up to date during the investigation process. She only needed to know which shop the brownies were bought from (in my case, she already knew) and she can quickly connect it to the bakery responsible for the batch.

After some investigation, they have found out that a small batch of fresh carrots used for that particular batch of chocolate brownies contained an exceptionally high moisture content, causing the brownies to prematurely spoil before the best before date (26th June, 2012).

My case was their 5th premature natural spoilage case reported to them since July 2011, and have in that time produced 10s of thousands of cakes. (How lucky am I! I should have bought a lotto ticket!)

They are recalling the brownies from this batch, and urge anyone who bought them to contact them. Money will be refunded together with a complimentary replacement pack. You can read more about the case and their investigation report here.

The owner and her team are now looking into a solution that will enable them to continue using fresh carrots in their brownies while allowing the brownies to last longer.

After the incident, I still ate the other 3 cakes. I just made sure I checked them out beforehand, which should really be done with anything you put in your mouth. The cakes are retailed £3.00 per pack, with 5 in each pack. You can find the stockists information here.

Disclosure: I was sent 4 packs of cakes to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own.