Thursday, 21 June 2012

bottlegreen Cordials - Limited Edition Elder Flower and New Lime & Coconut

cordial, bottlegreen, limited edition bottlegreen

The first time we've heard about bottlegreen was in last year's Good Food Show winter. They had a fantastic selection, and the bottles were really attractive. Along the years they have been creating limited edition bottles with beautiful designs, and their latest one is their limited edition Elder Flower cordial bottle to celebrate the season of Elder flowers, which has just been featured on a magazine for its design.

I was sent one of their limited edition Elder flower cordials, together with their latest addition - Lime & Coconut Cordial, to try.

cordial, bottlegreen, limited edition bottlegreen

I really liked the Elder flower's bottle design! I wonder whether it can be kept for long? And not just the bottle, the floral fragrance and the crisp, sweet yet delicate flavour of the cordial is lovely as well. It is like one of our favourite fruit Lychee! Adding this to ice cold water really turns it into a very refreshing drink, which would be perfect for barbecues.

cordial, bottlegreen, limited edition bottlegreen

Hubby's favourite is the Lime & Coconut cordial. It smelled very coconutty, which is his favourite. The taste reminded me a of Pina Colada, but it's lime instead of pineapple. Again, very refreshing and light by adding it to icy cold water, and it is great with any exotic food in this Summer.

You can buy the limited edition Elder flower cordial from all major supermarkets, and the Lime & Coconut cordial from Waitrose throughout the year, and in Sainsbury's and Tesco until July. Both are retailed at £3.15 for a 500ml bottle.

Disclosure: I was sent 2 bottles of drinks to try; all opinions are honest and my own