Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cartamundi Junior Card Games

playing cards, children cards, children game

Playing cards is one of my dad's favourite entertainment. There is always a deck at home, and his favourite one has been played so many times the corners of the cards are all chipped. His favourite game is Big 2, or Deuces. He even taught me and my brothers to play so that we can play with him, it's fun though!

There are a lot of children card games out there, but I never thought that some are actually made by card companies who make playing cards. Take Cartamundi for example, did you know that they were the one making the Morrisons Disney collection cards? And not just that either, they have a whole range of children card games as well on the market, for example, their Jungle Snap and Farmyard Donkey card games.

playing cards, children cards, children game

Jungle Snap has 2 pairs of each of the 9 animal cards shown above. The cards are vibrant and all the animals have a funny face, according to my daughter. She is now playing "memory" game with them!

playing cards, children cards, children game

The Farmyard Donkey Card Game has 18 pairs of cards, which you can use to play "Pairs" or "Memory" games with. Or you can remove one donkey card, and play the "Donkey" game.

Each player gets a hand of cards, and you'll need to remove all the pairs in the hand. You'll then show the back of the hand of cards to the left hand player and let them pick a card from your hand. If it makes a pair, they can remove the pair, if not, they will have to keep the card. At the end of the game, the player who is still holding the 'Donkey' card lose.  This game is hilarious as at the end the last 2 players will be trying not to get the donkey card, which has proven not easy!

It's always great that you can play a few different games with a deck of cards! Although these cards are made for children, the quality standard of the big playing card company remains. You can buy them from any good toy company for rrp 99p per deck.

Disclosure: I was sent 2 card games to review; all opinions are honest and my own