Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Clay's 1st Birthday Cake - Rainbow Cake

Ton Ton is our nick for Clayton

Although Clay's birthday was last month, we did a bigger celebration when we went to London to meet up with our family during the Jubilee weekend. As my parents live in Hong Kong, it's not often we get to gather together like this.

I was planning to make a 3D bear cake for his birthday celebration, but I had to do a last minute change of plan when we were hit by a heat wave. It was soooo hot I just couldn't bear the thought of making a complicated cake! So I went for the simpler option instead - Rainbow cake.

It wasn't quite a rainbow as I've only used 3 colours, but I thought it was quite nice for a 1st birthday, and it was made with my delicious sponge recipe with a cute marble/ rainbow effect.

Everything was perfect until I decided, yet once again, to touch the cake while it was still hot. I tried flipping it upside down, to get the bow shape the right way up. But because the cake was still soft, and the top was not flat, the cake fell apart after being flipped over.

I guess that just shows that sometimes you can improve your personality, but you can never change it! I patched the top up with whipped cream and decorations, and it seemed like no one has noticed. The cake was moist and soft, but probably a bit too colourful to eat?

Anyway, it was lovely to have everyone there for his first birthday, and he had a lovely time.