Monday, 18 June 2012

Flexi Bath

flexibath, baby bathtub, travel baby bath

Everyone knows that travelling with children can be troublesome. I'm serious when I say that you are packing most of their belongings for a trip that last for at least 3 days. Yet there are things you just can't pack, such as chairs and tables, or a bath tub. Don't laugh, as most places you travel to won't have a safe bathtub to fit a baby in.

We only just started to struggle less because Clay can stand now, but I still can't stop him from crawling to the tap end of a normal bath tub, which can be quite dangerous. Or he can even slip when he tries to walk around. So when we've received a Flexibath to review, we were really impressed with it.

flexibath, baby bathtub, travel baby bath

The Flexi Bath is a flat packed bathtub weighing approximately 1300grams, which you can easily pack away in your luggage while going on a trip. The panels of the tub are made of durable PP plastic, which are joint together with soft TPE plastic. It seemed very small but is actually quite big (66.5cm long x 38.9cm wide x 23.8cm tall; 39 litres capacity). I think that this is because the sides are straight up, instead of curving outwards, so the base is bigger than the usual curved bathtubs.

flexibath, baby bathtub, travel baby bath

When we bath Abby and Clay together in our old tub, Clay used to have to sit on Abby's lap. Now he has his own spot. The Flexi Bath is surprisingly deep as well. It felt like forever to fill the bathtub up! Although designed for travelling, we decided to use it to replace our old baby bathtub as well. Once dried, we just need to flatten it again, and clip it together with the clip on the side, freeing us from the clutter feeling in our bathroom.

There are 7 colour choices to choose from and cost £29.95 each. It is recommended for children from 0 to 4 years old. They also have bath toys to go with the tub and other baby products on their website.

Disclosure: I was sent a Flexi Bath to review; all opinions are honest and my own