Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hamster Buggy Bags

We bought a stroller to replace our old pushchair for its ease of use. However, because it's fairly lightweight, and my baby bag is really heavy (the joy of being a busy parent), the stroller always toppled backwards when we remove Clay from it. We reminded ourselves that it's gonna happen and be careful about it, but we always forget.

We never thought that there could be a solution to this problem. Most people either live with it, or buy a heavier pushchair. But then I found this. Hamster Buggy Bags that you attach to the sides of any buggy, to keep buggies steady. Again, some clever and innovative design by another busy mum who was looking for a solution to make their every day life a bit easier. I wish I have that wisdom!

They come in a pair, so you can have a bag on each side of your buggy. They can be cleverly folded away into one of the side pockets, saving you from finding a pouch to put them in to.

It has 3 straps consisting of 2 parts on each bag. You wrap the Velcro strap part tightly around the buggy frame, and you can detach the bag from the straps by unclipping them, really handy! The bags can be left strapped on the buggy when you fold the buggy away if they are empty. And because you just need to unclip them, it's much easier to unload full bags from the buggy than trying to fiddle with the Velcro straps.

They have included a shoulder strap as well for their latest design, so you can carry the bag on your back, and it looks quite stylish and sporty too!

There are 2 sidepockets, and each bag can carry up to 3kg of weight, which is about the same as 2 shopping bags worth of shopping. They have reflective stripes on to increase the safety for the buggy or yourself when you carry it.

I think that the design is very clever and thoughtful, and it really helps to keep the buggy stable. Just make sure that you do keep something at the bottom of the bag when the buggy is in use, even prior to shopping. 

The Hamster Buggy Bags have won several awards, and have been featured on ITV This Morning. The bags cost £29.99 for a pair. Even though you might think you only need one, it's always good to keep another one just in case. In my opinion, I rather use both and spread the weight between the 2 bags so not to wear out one bag too much, and it feels safer to have each side of the buggy balanced.

You can buy them from their website (the blue link above) with free delivery, Mothercare, Kiddicare and Amazon.
Now when we go shopping, I don't have to worry about the buggy falling backwards anymore!

Disclosure: I was given a pair of bags to try; all opinions are honest and my own