Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hoodwink Point-and-Click Adventure Game

Playing computer games has been part of my life since I was 8 or 9. I remember the first game I played was Donkey Kong on my brothers' Commodor 64. I have since played all sorts, strategy, adventure, puzzles, massively multiple-player Online Role Playing Games; first person, third person; violent, non violent, etc etc. And it's not just me, it runs in the family!

One of my favourite genre is point-and-click games. It's more about the dialog, scenes and puzzles, without the need to worry about upgrading my character, or worry about how to fight. The classics had to be Twinsen's Oddesy and Monkey Island series. There aren't many point-and-click games around anymore, and at one point, people were saying that it's a dying genre.

Hoodwink, point-and-click game

Hoodwink, point-and-click game

To my surprise, the Malaysia based E-One Studio has developed a new point-and-click adventure game called Hoodwink, which will be released today on Origin this evening for only £9.99. I couldn't resist. I had to try it, even though I'm supposed to be all grown up now, with two children and such.

Hoodwink, point-and-click game

The story is about you being the scoundrel Michael Bezzle who wanted to change his life for the better. He was about to settle down and propose to his girlfriend, when he got into trouble with the government.

The graphics is stunning and unique compared to all the 3D games out there. Buildings and places were inspired by real life sceneries in Malaysia. The jazzy lounge music, composed by the award winning composer Leon Willett, fitted perfectly well with the drawings. The dialog is witty, and reminded me a lot of Monkey Island.

Hoodwink, point-and-click game
A quick guide to remind you what each inspection sign means
In some occasion this will change to a guide to how to solve a puzzle

Hoodwink, point-and-click game

Hoodwink, point-and-click game
Hints appear at the top when you are lost for a bit too long.
Can be opted out

However, the game didn't start very smoothly for me. I was slightly disappointed that you have to wait until the character has finished talking before you can click on something else to inspect. I was also a bit frustrated that the cursor's reaction was a bit slow. Other than that, the game was really fun to play and challenging as well. I'm currently stuck in the last image above. I might just need to wait for a few more days for a walkthrough to pop up (Yes, I cheat a lot)!

Disclosure: I was given a downloadable game to review; all opinions are honest and my own