Thursday, 21 June 2012

MAM Dipper Set

MAM baby, baby cutlery, baby feeding

I have liked MAM products since I knew about them, and their innovative designs have really helped us along the way, from a breastpump that you can adjust the suction strength, soothers with specially designed teats that helps with teeth development, clipped on teether (not soother),  spill free grow-with-the-baby bottle, and mini teether so small that can be put in the baby's mouth to reach all areas but without choking them , all were really useful and loved by us.

Today, my baby boy is already 1 year old. Technically he's not a baby anymore, but even so, MAM still managed to design something that is very useful for us -  their new MAM Dipper Set.

MAM baby, baby cutlery, baby feeding

Yes Clay is being weaned (still breast feeding), and he can eat all sorts now, but we don't normally let him feed himself. Because when he does, he would use his own hands. We aren't the kind of people who are happy with messy feeding. You should see him in Chaobaby, he looked like he's feeding himself, but 80% of the food were all over the floor. It was absolutely embarrassing. (I never let him do that at home *cough*)

He loves playing with Abby's tea party cutlery, but he also likes to put them in his mouth while crawling about like a puppy. It's really dangerous, I know, and he could fall with the cutlery poking into his throat. So when we were informed about MAM's new Dipper Set, we thought that it might be the perfect 'cutlery' for him to eat and play with.

The Dipper set is not quite a cutlery set. The spoon like dipper is for the baby to dip into their food, and the bumpy pattern holds the food on it. The fork like dipper does the same, as well as allowing the baby to train their skewering skill. There is also a safety shield on the dippers that looks like a 'dummy' to stop babies from putting them too deep in their mouth.

MAM baby, baby cutlery, baby feeding

MAM baby, baby cutlery, baby feeding

It's still messy, but better than using hands. He really liked the dipper set, and when he grows out of it, I can let him play with it without worrying about him hurting himself.

You can buy their Dipper set from Mothercare, Sainsburys and their online shop for rrp £5.25.

Disclosure: We were sent a dipper set to try; all opinions are honest and my own