Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Oatburst Oat Porridge

oat porridge, oatburst

I used to eat oat porridge quite frequently when I was very young and still lived in Holland. My brothers, cousins and I were being looked after by our grandparents and grandpa always cooked us oat porridge. I remember watching him in the kitchen while he cooked them, and it was always cooked to perfection, not too gooey nor too runny, and sweet but not overly sweet.

After we left Holland and moved to Hong Kong, the only oat porridge I remember eating was the instant ones that came from small sachets. You pour the contents and boiled water into a cup. They are more for drinking and just wasn't the same. Then I moved here, to the UK. We occasionally eat them but not very often, as every time I heat some up in the microwave, they splashed all over the place. I don't fancy standing there cooking them from scratch either.

Recently, Abby started asking for porridge. Apparently school served them for breakfast and she loved it. Coincidentally enough, 2 weeks later we were offered Oatburst porridge to review.

oat porridge, oatburst

oat porridge, oatburst

We were sent 2 boxes of porridge sachets, and 2 instant porridge pots. I love food that comes in a cup, and my favourite is instant noodles. So I was excited to see the porridge pots. But maybe because it's served with boiled water instead of milk, the porridge pot was lacking of something. It is very instant though, so next time we'll just add some cold milk into the hot porridge, which worked fairly well. 

The Strawberry and Cream flavour was lovely and there are plenty of freeze dried strawberry pieces in it.

oat porridge, oatburst

I usually go for plain only, but to my surprise, my favourite was the Honey flavour oat porridge with dried apricots. The sweetness is perfect and the apricot pieces gave it a lovely fragrant smell and taste. 

The sachets version are very easy and convenient to make as well, you just need to add the milk into the sachet (after pouring the content out) to the indicated line, microwave it for 1 minute, stir, and then microwave it for another minute and it's done. 

I am impressed with these sachets as they are a bit stronger and taller than other brands'. After it's filled with milk, it is still fairly easy to hold onto it and pouring the milk out into a bowl. Also, I never had a spillage problem with oatburst porridge in the microwave.

You can buy oatburst porridge pots from ASDA for £1.00 normally, but they are currently on offer and you can buy any 5 for £4. The box of sachets (12 sachets for plain, and 10 sachets for other flavours) are £1.98 but you can buy 2 for £3 now.

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of oat porridge to try; all opinions are honest and my own