Friday, 15 June 2012

Quosh Squash Mix

Quosh, squash, powdered drink

For some reason, water does not quinch our thirst during a Hot Summer. It has to be something icy cold with some flavour. Yet all these flavoured drinks contain lots of sugar and E numbers. The Quosh Squash Mix I was sent to try not only doesn't have either, it still turn my ordinary water into something exciting and refreshing.

Quosh, squash, powdered drink

I was sent Orange and Tropical flavours to try. A 10g sachet will flavour 500ml of cold water, shaken in a bottle or stirred in a glass or jug, really simple. The good thing is that you can carry these sachets in bags for picnics or lunch, instead of carrying a bottle of concentrated drink around.

Quosh, squash, powdered drink

I loved the tropical fruit flavour, it's almost like eating an ice lolly! I think I might just make some with these. The orange was nice too and very much like those vitamin C tablets drink. For my personal preference I would use a 10g sachet with perhaps 550-600ml water, and for my children I'd use less of the mix as they are used to water and any flavour is delightful enough for them.

You can buy these for £1 only in ASDA and each box contains 6 x 10g sachets. There will be more retailers stocking them soon as well. £1 is fairly cheap already for 6 sachets, but if you prefer your drink to be more diluted like I do, then you can get even more out of it!

Disclosure: I was sent 2 flavours of squash mix to try; all opinions are honest and my own