Monday, 25 June 2012

SKEANIE Children Leather Shoes

SKEANIE, children shoes, children leather shoes

Abby is a very independent girl. She's four, not quite the age to be doing everything on her own yet, but she'd always say: "Let me do it myself!" and rejected our help most of the time (especially when we were in a rush, for some reason). One of the occasion when she said that is when she tries to put her shoes on by herself.

She has a pair of strapped on trainers that aren't as difficult to put on than those with shoe laces, but she tend to stand on the back of her shoes, which supports the back of her ankles. Once you stood on those, you will most likely have to remove the shoe and put it on again.

When I was offered a chance to review a pair of SKEANIE shoes, I thought of finding a pair of shoes that she can easily slip in to, without delaying us too much when we go out. So I chose these cute cream coloured Loafers, which should match her neutral coloured clothes more than her hot pink trainers.

SKEANIE, children shoes, children leather shoes

SKEANIE, children shoes, children leather shoes
A bit loose without her correction insoles and socks

The shoes were handmade with super soft eco-leather (off cuts of good quality leather), and they were indeed very soft to the touch. The size was a bit too big, but since Abby was given correction insoles to wear, the shoes were a perfect fit with socks on. Hopefully it means that these shoes would last her longer too.

She really loves her new shoes, and said that they were really comfortable to wear. She ran around and danced in the house with a big smile on her face, and for the first time, she refused to wear them outside so that they won't get dirty!

SKEANIE, children shoes, children leather shoes

When I took a closer look at her shoes, I thought that they were torn at the back! Then I realised that it was meant to be that way. Apparently it is their Flex-ease elasticated collar design that helps the little ones slip their feet in the shoes easier. It definitely helped Abby to put on her shoes quicker without getting stuck with flattened heel supports.

The Australian brand SKEANIE was created by a mother of two who was looking for high quality leather shoes for children. After her search, she's decided to create her own soft leather shoes with soft soles.They have since become popular in Australia, and has now landed in Europe.

The Loafers cost £34.99 and can be bought from their online shop. They sell Skirtle (stockings with a skirt) and socks as well. I am hoping that they will import some of their other range from their home country as well, including their wellies and hats!

SKEANIE has also provided me with a 15% off discount code to give away to my readers. Simply enter the code mummybl0g (with the digit '0', not the alphabet 'o') during checkout. Happy shopping!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of children shoes to review; all opinions are honest and my own