Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Organix Treats and Meal

Organix, children healthy snacks, organic treats

Let's admit it. We love to snack. It doesn't matter whether it's a healthy snack like fruits and nuts, or unhealthy ones like sweets or crisps, we love to snack, and so does our children. Both Abby and Clay are into junk food, but we constantly limit them to healthier snacks like crackers, carrots with hummus, fruits and nuts. But they do get boring for a while, and it's hard for them to see us munching on crisps or biscuits without being allowed to take a bite. We've tried baby biscuits, but they were really sweet even for us. I think that they are perfect for dunking in a cup of tea!

When we were offered Organix treats and meals for the children to try, we thought that it would be a great opportunity to see whether these '0% junk' goodies would be the replacement we were looking for for the children to snack on.

Organix, children healthy snacks, organic treats

The sample pack included one of their new Might Meals range meal - Tasty Beef Stew & Dumplings, Cheese & Herb Puffs, Veg & Oat Bar in Sweetcorn & Red pepper flavour, Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar, Mini Cheese Crackers, Mini Gingerbread Men and Raisins & chopped Apricots. It was a lovely selection of treats plus a meal too!

Organix, children healthy snacks, organic treats

The children's favourite snack out of everything was the Raisins & chopped Apricots (rrp £1.29 for 4 x 18g packets). The soft raisins had a natural sweetness, while the apricots were slightly blander and harder. However, both Abby and Clay kept fighting over for the Apricots. They also liked the Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar (rrp £2.49 for 6 x 30g bars), which smelled gorgeous with a bit of sourness from the raspberry.

Organix, children healthy snacks, organic treats

The cheesy puffs were light and melt in your mouth, which is great for the younger ones, and there was an obvious hint of ginger from the mini gingerbread men (rrp £1.99 for 5 x 25g packets), which was slightly sweetened with grape juice concentrate. The cheesy crackers (rrp £1.99 for a box of 4 x 20g packets) smelled quite cheesy but tasted more of the mixture of wheat, rice and malted wheat flours.

Organix, children healthy snacks, organic treats

You can taste the flavour from the ingredients in the beef stew & dumplings (rrp £1.99), although for some reason Clay wasn't keen. Abby had a couple of mouthfuls before giving up as well. However, the least favourite had to be the Savoury Veg & Oat Bars in Sweetcorn & Red pepper flavour. The red pepper was a bit over powering, and both Abby and Clay seemed to dislike it. 

I do think that the idea of a savoury oat bar is very interesting, as they are normally a sweet snack. I remember wondering why healthy snacks had to be sweet, and what would the savoury people eat in place of a sweet bar. It would be interesting to see savoury health bars in the shops, provided that they are tasty of course.

There are plenty of treats to choose from Organix's range, and I'm sure there is something for every child. Abby has ordered us to buy some more of the Raisins & chopped Apricots treats for her! And the fact that there is no junk in the ingredients, you can feel safe to let them snack away.

You can buy Organix treats from their online shop or in supermarkets and Boots.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample pack to try; all opinions are honest and my own