Sunday, 15 July 2012

R.I.P Hammy

Yesterday morning we found our pet hamster Hammy lying really still in his bed. It appeared that he has passed away during his sleep, hopefully peacefully. We were really upset, and we still had to break the news to Abby.

After breakfast, we told Abby that Hammy was quite old as a hamster, and he has moved on to another world. She asked us whether he would still wake up, which almost made me cry. We suggested her to write a card for Hammy, and we would put it in the box we were putting Hammy in. We have put some of his bedding and food in as well, and buried the little box. Abby placed some flowers on top of his box and said 'bye Hammy', which really broke my heart.

Rest in peace our dear Hammy, we loved you very much and will remember you forever.

Love x