Thursday, 12 July 2012

Wetherspoon Hotel - The Unicorn in Ripon

Ripon, Yorkshire, Wetherspoon hotel

After our Knaresborough trip to Mother Shipton's Cave and Knareborough Castle, we drove to Ripon's Wetherspoon hotel - The Unicorn, to settle in for the night. We could have driven home, but we wanted to make it a proper holiday instead of just a day out.

We booked the hotel room at the very last minute, but managed to get a great deal out of it directly through their website. Their rooms start from £69 for a standard double, but we only paid £39 for a family room, which was a bargain.

Ripon, Yorkshire, Wetherspoon hotel
A shame that I couldn't get the picture right

Ripon, Yorkshire, Wetherspoon hotel

The hotel has been recently renovated and the room we stayed in was big, modern and stylish. The problem was that the beds weren't very comfortable. Hubby slept on the sofa-bed but he couldn't sleep well as you could feel the springs in it. It's a bit lopsided as well at the foot of the bed. The king-sized bed we stayed in would have been great if it wasn't for the hard edge in the middle where the 2 queen sized mattresses met.

We were also advised not to open the windows for safety reasons, which I think was reasonable as the hotel is situated right next to the market square. But it was really warm the night we stayed there, and even the fan they have provided for us didn't help. Eventually we kept a gap open after we came back from dinner for some air and it was much more cooling and and less stuffy. We wouldn't leave it open if we were to leave the room of course.

Ripon, Yorkshire, Wetherspoon hotel

What impressed us most was the bathroom. It was really spacious and we all managed to stay in there with plenty of room to move about. You can have a bath or power shower while your partner sits on the toilet without being bothered at all (you know what I mean?).

There is plenty of space to put your toiletries on the bathroom sill, (I was drying the bath toys we brought on it on top of a towel) and there is a heated towel rack in the corner, which you can switch off on a warm day. Their handwash and 2-in-1 shower & shampoo smelled lovely and is suitable for both men and women. 

Ripon, Yorkshire, Wetherspoon hotel
Huge mirror in the hallway

Wetherspoon is famous in our family for their quality big breakfast that only cost less than £5. There was plenty on the plate to share with the kids. As they serve until noon, you can lie in bed for a bit longer without feeling the need to get up just for breakfast. Comparing it to our local Wetherspoon, the quality is even better.

Overall, it's a lovely place to stay and very convenient as well, as it's right in the middle of town, and Sainsbury's is just next door. There is a limited parking space for the hotel guests that's situated next to their restaurant, but plenty of space in Sainsbury's parking lot.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the people we have met were all very friendly. I was waiting downstairs with Clay, who was sleeping in the trolley, for hubby and Abby to come back from putting the luggages in our room, and a guest waited with me so that he could offer his hand with our trolley. The next day a housekeeper offered to help us move our folded trolley downstairs as well. Perhaps we were lucky, or the general people from Ripon are good hearted.