Saturday, 11 August 2012

Miniland Educational Toys - Abacus and Sew an Alphabet

educational toys, miniland, DKL toys

Abby is at the stage where she is constantly trying to find new things to do and learn, it is almost impossible to keep her going! So it's always a pleasure for us to discover new toys that can keep her busy for a while and at the same time learn some new skills.

We are glad to be offered to review a couple of Miniland educational toys distributed exclusively by DKL toys, and I was pleasantly surprised when the parcel arrived containing their Shape Abacus and Alphabets to sew.

educational toys, miniland, DKL toys

The Shape Abacus (£11.99 from SP Models) comes with 100 pieces of plastic shapes, 24 double sided instruction cards and a plastic holder.

I think it's a fantastic early learning toy as it can be a shape or colour sorter, and it teaches children how to follow the patterns on the cards as well through logic and observation. It has been keeping Abby busy and she has been putting her favourite 'collections' on it.

educational toys, miniland, DKL toys

This Alphabets to Sew (£13.95 from Play Merrily) comes with 26 pieces of plastic alphabets and 6 coloured laces. 

At first I was a bit confused with what the toy's purpose was. According to the box, it 'help prepare the child for future reading and writing skills. Linking up each letter with the next using the holes makes it easier to recognise the shape of each one'. I couldn't understand why lacing through each character helps a child recognising the shape of each alphabet.

But while I was still pondering how educational the toy is, Abby took a lace and started threading through the alphabets. I was surprised at how she managed to thread it through without asking me to help. I suppose it's only logical to thread it up and down through each hole. But I'm certain some children will look at it and ask what they should be doing.

Then I read the description on Play Merrily's website and it said '... to practice threading and lacing skill for early sewing techniques.' Now that makes more sense. It really does help Abby's sewing techniques. Watching her do that makes me feel that she's so grown up, sitting there sewing alphabets! She really likes doing it to.

The toys help with her development, and the most important thing is, they kept her entertained!

Disclosure: I was sent a couple of toys to try and review; all opinions are honest and my own