Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sky Ride - Get on your Bikes and have Fun!

Sky Ride

Do you, your family including the really young ones, and friends like to cycle? Or do you like to cycle but aren't motivated to pick up your bike? Sky Ride, founded by Sky and British Cycling 4 years ago, is the event organiser you should register with. They want to inspire the nation to become fans of cycling by offering free mass-participation cycling events to weekly local rides.

Check out their website, there are lots of bike rides anyone can participate, especially their Sky Ride City events that is a must go! You join the crowd of cyclists (professional or not) whenever you want, it's very casual, and ride together in and around the city however you want it. You can also take breaks whenever you want, there are no pressure at all! Check out the video from one of last year's Sky Ride City event (in the above blue link), they even filmed a toddler riding their tiny trikes, so cute!

They have events all over the country, and you can join whichever is nearest to you, or if you fancy exploring a new city, this will be the perfect opportunity to as you get to see a lot of the city while cycling with Sky Ride City. Interested? You can register here and then choose the event you want to join.

We are going to participate in the Bolton's Sky Ride City event on Sunday 16th September, perhaps we will see you there? x