Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bobble Bots - Moshi Monsters

bobble bots, moshi monsters, hexbug

Have you heard of Bobble Bots? No? But you must have heard of HexBug! Those micro robotic creatures that vibrates everywhere and are collectible? That's right. Bobble Bots, created by the creators of HexBug, are the new innovative robotic pets and playsets that fuses some of what fans love about HexBug - their high-tech vibration technology, collectible pieces, and an open-ended creative building play. Adding the popular brand Moshi Monsters Moshling faces on them and bobbly heads, plus playsets from the Monstro City, I'm certain it would cause a stir, just like HexBug!

bobble bots, moshi monsters, hexbug

Abby absolutely loves Moshi Monsters. We've reviewed a selection of Moshi Monsters' Clay Buddies before and she couldn't stop playing with them! So when the Bobble Bots party pack arrived, she took over them. Just like that!

The Bobble Bots are really funny, they literally 'bobbles' everywhere!

And that's not all! Bobble Bots comes with all sorts of playsets for you to get creative. There are Moshling Garden (£5.99), starter set (£9.98), large starter set (£12.98), stores (£14.99) and a Moshi Monster house (£24.98), each comes with its own moshling. You can, of course, buy individual moshlings for £4.99 each. You'll also get a code for extra Rox for your children's Moshi Monsters to spend in the game.

Do note that each moshling comes differently. There are 8 individual pack moshlings for you to collect, while the other rarer moshlings will come with a playset. For example, The Moshi Monser House comes with a very rare moshling - Oddie, which you can't get in any other way.

You can now buy Bobble Bots from their online shop, or on any good toy stores.

Disclosure: We were sent a few Bobble Bots to review; all opinions are honest and my own