Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dr. Organic Vitamin E Bath Oil

Dr. Organic, Bath Oil, Stretch Mark Oil

Last week I posted up about Dr. Organic's Day Cream and Eye Cream. They've also sent me a Vitamin E bath oil to try, but because we seldom do baths (how I wish I have the time!), I was wondering how I should review it.

The bath oil is suppose to reduce scars and stretch marks, and the texture is really familiar, just like a stretch mark oil I used to use when I was pregnant. The bath oil smelled lemony, which is very soothing and refreshing. I know it wasn't the right way, but I decided to apply it directly to my skin. My skin instantly felt softer, and it's quickly absorbed so it didn't feel greasy at all like baby oil. I think it's absorbed even faster than body lotion.

Dr. Organic, Bath Oil, Stretch Mark Oil

Dr. Organic, Bath Oil, Stretch Mark Oil

Then I got it. I poured some warm water in a big bowl, and poured half a cap of bath oil in it (2-3 caps for a full bath). The oil dispersed into smaller droplets. After mixing it became slightly murky. The fragrance is stronger as the warm water evaporates the smell in the air, and I can so imagine soaking in a warm bath and go 'Ahhhh'.

I dipped my hands in it and it felt divine. I suddenly remember in ancient China, girls from well off family were suppose to keep their hands really soft, so they hardly do anything, and for a few times a day their maid will rinse their hands in a bowl of warm water, sprinkled with flower petals. It felt like that!

After drying my hands, they felt baby-like soft, and well moisturised. In fact, I couldn't get used to it as my finger tips has lost a bit of friction.

I'm not sure how well it will help with scars and stretchmarks, but if it keeps my hands this soft, I'm more than happy to soak in them daily! Owww, if only if I can find the time... *sob* You can now buy Dr. Organic's Vitamin E Bath Oil from Holland & Barrett for £8.19 (100ml).

Disclosure: I was sent a bath oil to try; all opinions are honest and my own