Monday, 13 August 2012

Kleenex and Andrex

Kleenex Balsam, Kleenex Facial Cleansing

When it comes to toiletries, I'm sure everyone has their favourite brand. We love Kleenex's boxed tissues for example, and Andrex's flushable toilet tissue wipes. They are both quality products, but I've never connected the two brands before! Not only are they brands from the same company, in Australia and the US, Andrex Puppy is actually called Kleenex Puppy! Ahhhhhhh...

I was sent a surprise pack of Kleenex and Andrex products to try, and when they arrived, I was impressed with how much they have expanded their range.

Kleenex Balsam Fresh, Kleenex Balsam Nose and Lip Balm

Kleenex Balsam Fresh pocket pack

The Kleenex Balsam range is perfect for the times when you have a cold or flu. They are dermatologically tested and leaves behind a micro-fine layer of protective balm with calendula (anti-viral, anti-genotoxic and anti-inflammatory properties) on the skin. It is essential for when you have to keep wiping or blowing your nose, as it makes your nose sore. So I would at least prefer these for my children than other tissues.

The Balsam Fresh pocket packs I was sent has a touch of menthol as well to help you breath easier. It smelled exactly the same as the chest rub we have, so I think it will help when you have a blocked nose. It's currently selling for £1.02 (6pck) at Sainsbury's until 21st August.

Kleenex Balsam range also contains a Nose and Lip Balm (12g), which was kind of a surprise to me. It also contains natural ingredients like calendula, and is suppose to keep your nose and lips moisturised and protected for a long period of time. The tin is really cute, although I would prefer it coming with menthol as well. It's currently £1.49 at Sainsbury's until 21st August.

Kleenex Facial Cleansing

I always know Kleenex as a face tissue brand, but never thought that they have a more feminine Facial Cleansing Range. They use natural fibres for the whole range (apart from the shine absorbing sheets).

Kleenex Facial Cloth

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes, Kleenex Eye Make Up Removal Wipes

The Facial Cloths are made from cotton and are really soft. They are quite thick and large as well, but I would probably cut them to at least half the size when using them (unless for cleansing purpose), as I find myself wasting most of the areas when I use a bigger sheet.  They are definitely softer than most cotton wool pads, and fairly strong as well, so less tearing while wiping. They are currently selling for only 99p at Tesco until 28th August!

To test their Facial Cleansing Wipes (£1.49 at Tesco until 28th August) and Eye Makeup Removal Wipes (£1.99 from Sainsbury's until 21st August), I've decided to use my most trusted arm again to endure all that makeup! I should have slapped on some foundation as well but I didn't have any nearby. I dabbed on a thick layer of blush, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara on my arm, and you can see the result in the above picture. The first picture on the left is before I started wiping. The second from the left shows me using a Facial Cleansing Wipe to wipe my arm with one stroke. The third from the left shows me using the Eye Makeup Removal to wipe my arm with one stroke. 

The end result was not bad at all, only a hint of lipstick colour and a bit of eye liner was left on my arm, which is easily removed after a face wash. The test does show that your lips require a good clean as well, I should wash my lips next time together with my face!

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets
Left: sticky bit on the lid to help remove sheets easily   Middle: Soft and lovely design and the bottom of the sheets

To be a sport, I've decided to show you the horrible results for my Shine Absorbing Sheets (£1.99 from Sainsbury's until 21st August) test. There was so much grease on my T zone I had to use 2 sheets to clear most of it up. I think Abby got a bit scared as she refused to touch a clean sheet after seeing my used one. She said that she doesn't need it as she doesn't have oil on her face. If only if I can say that! (Feeling sour)

As I didn't have makeup on, I'm not certain whether it will affect your makeup when blotting the oil away, but according to Kleenex it won't. 

Overall, I really like their Facial Cleansing range's packaging, very feminine and clean.

Andrex Eco toilet tissue, Andrex flushable toilet tissue wipes

Andrex's new Eco toilet tissue rolls are made from a unique blend of soft recycled fibre and natural bamboo, printed with bamboo patterns. Neither of the materials sounded like soft tissues material to me but it is really very soft, yet it doesn't create tissue dusts like other tissue rolls, where you tear a square off the roll and a cloud of dust came flying off.

You must try this for yourself to believe how soft and smooth it is, and Andrex has provided 10,000 printable vouchers for you to take 50p off your next Andrex Eco 4 or 9 rolls purchase. Once it's gone, it's gone so print your voucher soon! Just click on the blue link above which will take you straight to the voucher (do check the T&C). Waitrose is currently doing a 2 for £3.50 deal, valid until 14th August 2012.

Andrex Flushable Toilet Tissue Wipes

We bought a box of Andrex Kids a while ago and we have been using Andrex's Flushable Toilet Tissue Wipes ever since. We love the fragrance of their wet wipes, and it felt much cleaner with it. We use these wipes for Abby, while we use one for a final wipe. I absolutely adore their Cotton Fresh fragrance, so I was really happy when a box of them arrived in the pack. I love the design they chose to print on the box, it feels really fresh, matching the smell perfectly. Do keep an eye out for them as there are always £1 deals for the wipes, sometimes including the ones that comes with the box. We have stocked up loads, and we haven't even start with the Union Jack packaged ones yet that we bought months ago!

It is great to know that your favourite brands are moving forward and constantly think of new range of products to suit customers' need.

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of Kleenex and Andrex sample products to try; all opinions are honest and my own