Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mudd Masks

mudd mask, clay mask, facial mask

As I'm getting older with kids, I've stopped sticking to my beauty regime, let alone relaxing for 15 minutes to apply masks. But I do remember that when I did, they always work wonders. I spent a whole week applying masks (treatment, not cleansing) every day before my wedding and my skin was wonderful. Now I'm just old and tired.

I was very eager to try out the mudd masks that came with a lovely beauty parcel, yet I didn't wanna scare you by taking snapshots of me in the mask. So, to spare you the horror, I've used my hand to show you what it's like.

mudd mask, clay mask, facial mask

This is mudd sea mask, which is a sea clay mask that does deep cleansing with hydrating sea extracts. Out of the three version I love the smell of this mask the most. It's lovely but not overpowering. The clay mask is thick, but when applied on hand it felt smooth. After about 5 minutes (as it's only a small area. It should take about 15 mins on the face) it has dried out completely. It was a bit worrying as my hand looked really wrinkly under the dried up clay.

After cleaning the mask off, my hand felt really soft and clean. My skin stayed soft for quite a bit before it needed some cream on.

mudd mask, clay mask, facial mask

I wasn't very keen in the peel-off mask as it could get quite messy and scary (like watching a horror movie!). Just make sure that you apply an even layer of the gel on your face, without any hair flying about. The packet said to leave in for about 15 minutes, but if you have applied a thick layer, it would take longer. You can test it by gently touching the mask, if it's a bit tacky instead of sticking on your finger, then it's ready to be peeled off. 

Although the process was messier, my skin felt clean and fresh afterwards.

mudd mask, clay mask, facial mask

Although the original mask's fragrance was a bit overpowering, it was the best out of the 3. It was amazing how cooling it was. In fact, it was a bit cold at one point! No wonder animals cover themselves with mud to stay cool!

The result was a bit more obvious than the sea mask. I can really feel how much cleaner my left hand was compared to my right hand.

All the mudd masks gave results, some more subtle than the other, and I would definitely recommend the mudd original mask if you like to notice results. You can buy the 10ml trial version (around £1), 50ml 5 uses version (around £3) or 100ml 10 uses version (around £5) from Boots or most pharmacies. 

Disclosure: I was sent a few samples to try; all opinions are honest and my own