Sunday, 5 August 2012

Natures Inspiration Aloe Vera Face Scrub

I used to have a skincare routine I follow religiously. I remember my dearest friend asked me once whether I was applying foundation. I seldom apply makeup during that time unless I was going out at night. Obviously, I was still young, and I had plenty of time to spend. Fifteen minutes morning and night to do my skincare routine was not a problem at all. No one would barge in to see me walking around with a paper mask on. No one would scream for my attention, nor make a poo and need me to quickly change the diaper before it goes all over my bed. No one would pull my pants down when I was standing there cleaning my face, or blow into my lenses when I try to stick them in my eyes. 

Now I have no time to stick to my routine anymore. At my age I still have pimples. It is said to be a sign of youth. I'm glad. Priority has shifted, and time has disappeared to I-don't-know-where. But I was constantly reminded that, as a woman, you should at least keep up some kind of a routine, otherwise you'll look like an old granny before you hit the age. So I managed to squeeze 1 minute from our morning and night routine to rinse my face with water and slap some cream on. It's better than nothing, but definitely not good enough. My face felt heavy but I just don't have the time to sort it out, and it's always: maybe tomorrow, for me.

Last week I had a chance to speak to a lovely lady who develops natural handmade cosmetics - Natures Inspiration. She kindly offered me their new Aloe Vera face scrub, which is made with Aloe Vera and Jojoba beads, to try. As a reviewer, even if you don't have time, even if you are so swamped with stuff to do while looking after two young children that you only manage 5 hours of sleep, you will still find time to try the products. So I did.

I have used the face scrub for a couple of times now. The face scrub consists of aloe vera's leaf water, which is a transparent, slightly slimy, runny gel-like substance, and ultra fine jojoba beads that felt like sand particles. By gently applying it on my dampened face in a circular motion, I can feel the particles working on my  dead skin  face, yet it was still moisturising like applying a serum to my face, which was the aloe vera moisturising my skin. The result was pleasing, and I could feel some soft skin again. I just have to work on reducing my pimples.

The good thing is that they try to be as natural as possible. There are only 6 ingredients, but no preservatives. I have no allergy reaction at all, although I hardly do with cosmetics. They are very honest about the problem that comes with a naturally made product - easily contaminated. So make sure you wash your hands before and check the scrub often to make sure it hasn't gone bad.

Natures Inspiration does other products as well other than skincare, including a baby range, bath products, mineral makeup and brushes. You can buy their face scrub online (above blue links) for £10.00 (100ml).

Disclosure: I was sent a face scrub to try; all opinions are honest and my own