Monday, 27 August 2012

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries season 1, Tea Damon and Elena

I love a good vampire show. One of my favourite was Interview with a Vampire (I swear it wasn't because of Tom Cruise nor Bratt Pitt. I swear!), and it's sequel Queen of the Damned (Townsend was hot.. so hot.. *fan self*). Funny how the big hit Twilight never really appealed to me. I didn't like the actor's grumpy eyebrows. When I watched the first of the trilogy I couldn't help but stare at them with annoyance. The actress looked like a little girl, which is very unconvincing for a love story. Alright alright, so the cast does matter. In my opinion, Twilight is more for the teens to watch, I'm just too old, and I need a more mature story.

Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries season 1, Tea Damon and Elena

When I first watched Vampire Diaries on TV, I thought it was a bit like Twilight as a TV series. I even felt the same about Stefan and his grumpy look. What's with those eyebrows?! It started off like a teen show as well, the usual high school background, cheerleaders, beautiful faces (really beautiful faces), high school bitchiness,  boy meet girl, another boy trying to ruin it, etc.

But soon, I got hooked. There were secrets, darkness and quests. There were ancient mansions and history that dated way back into the Victorian age (is there a Victorian age in the US?). There were vampires (obviously), the Founders who are secretly hunting vampires down, witches, and later on werewolves, Originals (vampires) and hybrids. The relationship between these supernatural beings is intertwined, with the doppleganger Elena (I love her ancestor Katerina more, sexy and hot) connecting them.

Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diaries season 1, Tea Damon and Elena

Vampire diaries started off a bit like Twilight (there is a team Stefan and team Damon as well!), but it is so much more than Twilight. It's more complicated and more mature, exactly the stuff I like. Series 4 will be showing on TV this September, but series 1 to 3 is so worth watching or even re-watching, let it be on DVD (Series 1 £8.97, series 2 £18.95, series 3 £27.97 and comes with a UV copy) or Blu-ray (Series 1 £11.98, series 2 £25, series 3 £31.29 with a UV copy). There are also box sets available.

I'm fed up with my PC's blu-ray player, so we will be buying a separate player soon. The blu-ray box has been calling at me and it's really hard to resist! I'm also eagerly waiting for series 4 to come out in the UK, but it will probably be in October?

Disclosure: I was sent series 1 in blu-ray to review; all opinions are honest and my own