Monday, 3 September 2012

Blog 1st Anniversary - CLOSED

Anniversary, 1st anniversary

Time flies. It really does. It only seemed like a few months has gone past when I started my blog This is Life. I didn't know any bloggers in the UK then, nor do I know how to promote my blog, to get it out there for you to see. Now, although still a small blog, it is more or less established, and I'm getting the hang of the social media side of things.

I have enjoyed blogging immensely. Through blogging, I made new friends, dived back into my social life, and have experienced a lot of things others wouldn't have the chance to. A lot of people don't understand the point of blogging, what's happening behind the scene, but I'm glad that a lot of family and friends are very supportive of what I'm doing. I'm really glad that I have started blogging, and I will continue for as long as I can!

To celebrate my blog's 1st anniversary, which is officially on the 7th September, I have put together one of the biggest giveaway I have done in the past year. As my blog is about everything in life, I want to giveaway something the winner can enjoy and share with the people they care most about in their life as well. So, the really lucky winner and his/ her family and/ or friends will be winning everything from the below. Yes. Everything! The whole lot of 22 products, from food and sweets, to toys and jewellery (ok, less for the gents, maybe they can have the food?), with the total value coming up to about £397. To be honest, I wish I'm entering this giveaway!

The prizes are as follow:

- Includes 3 playtime mini mats and an Aquadoodle pen

Use the water-filled Aquadoodle pen to colour the mini mats and see lots of playtime scenes appear. When the water has dried, your child can start all over again!

- Includes Winnie the Pooh Aquamat (85 x 55cm), Winnie the Pooh drawing pen and a stamp

Great for the Winnie the Pooh fans, this large floor mat is certainly going to keep them entertained! Use the water-filled Aquadoodle Winnie the pooh pen to draw and scribble on the mat without worrying about the mess. Your child can also use the stamp to create fluffy clouds shapes on the mat.

The above was kindly donated by TOMY toys. For more information follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

 TOMY toys, TOMY AquaDoodle, AquaDoodle

- Includes Aquadoodle travel drawing bag and an Aquadoodle pen

No mess drawing on the go! The padded bag opens out to reveal 2 drawing areas, so that your child can draw on the second area while waiting for the first one to dry.

- Includes 2 Aquadoodle pens

These extra pens  are great for your child to use as a backup, or they can use them to draw together with their friends and family!

The above was kindly donated by TOMY toys. For more information follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

TOMY toys, TOMY Winnie the Pooh Squirt n Pour Bathtime Fun, TOMY bath toys

- Includes Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore squirters and 1 honey pot that can be used as a cup, a pourer, and a sprinkler

What more can I say about TOMY? We all know that they are one of the leading toy company that provides great quality, value for money, fun and safe toys, and that's all we need to know!

The above was kindly donated by TOMY toys. For more information follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

BrainBox Nature   worth £10.00

- Includes 54 illustrated cards, a rule card, an eight-sides die and an hour-glass timer

The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on a roll of the die. If the answer is correct, the player get to keep the card. The player with most cards within 5 or 10 minutes game play wins.

The Green Board Game company who's behind BrainBox create games for people to play and learn together while using recycled/ recyclable materials whenever possible.

The above was kindly donated by BrainBox Games. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

children shampoo, children top to toe shampoo, kids shampoo

- Contains watermelon essential oils

- Contains organic blueberry and coconut extracts, no tears formula

- Contains organic strawberry and eucalyptus extracts, no tears formula

Daniel Galvin Junior is a hair stylist who is passionate about living an organic lifestyle, and uses organic ingredients in his own label haircare products.

The above were kindly donated by DGJ Organics. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Miners Cosmetics, Miners Cosmetics Blusher Brick, Blusher

Miners Cosmetics Blusher Collection in Pinks and Browns (6g each)   worth £4.49 each

I've reviewed these and they are great for building up to a perfect shade!

The fashion inspired Miners Cosmetics was established since 1937, bringing innovative and affordable make-up to the masses.

The above was kindly donated by Miners Cosmetics. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Natures Inspiration makeup, Mineral eyeshadows, natural eyeshadow

Natures Inspiration Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Tyrella Beach, Monaghan Mauve and Enchanted Erne (2.5g each)   worth £6.00 each

Tyrella Beach is a light beige colour with a small amount of sheen. Great as a base colour or for daytime wear. Monaghan Mauve is a shimmering true purple shade, and Enchanted Erne is a shimmering as well as striking blue, great for going out at night.

Natures Inspiration use natural ingredients in their handmade beauty products, and suitable for people with sensitive skin. 

The above was kindly donated by Natures Inspiration. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Ficcare hair accessories, hairband, bridal hairband

Stone Bridge Ficcare Fine Double Crystal Hairband in Gold   worth £79.00

- Handmade from the iconic American design house Ficcare, set with 140 brilliant white Swarovski crystals

Stone bridge is a fairly special online boutique as it categorise its products depending on your hair type, so you can be sure that whatever is recommended (try their Tell Us About Your Hair and see what they recommend you) is suitable for you. Not to worry though, as the above hairband is suitable for all types of hair!

The above was kindly donated by Stone Bridge. For more information follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Harriet Kelsall, sterling silver necklace, long necklace

- The long necklace comes with a 32 inches long sterling silver trace chain and a single Jasper leaf pendant (approx. 46mm in length).

Purple Label is the ready to wear jewellery range designed and handmade by Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design, one of the UK's leading designer's jewellery company who specialises in engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings.

The above necklace was kindly donated by Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Heat Holders, Thermal socks, winter socks

I've reviewed these last Christmas and I was glad I did! They were so warm my usually freezing toes were instantly warmed up! I have bought several pairs since then for our family members and they all loved them!

Heat Holders started in 2006, and they've spent 2 years to remodify their machines to make the perfect thermal socks that are high quality but affordable.

The above socks are kindly donated by Heat Holders. For more information follow the on Facebook and Twitter.

Macbook, laptop sleeve, laptop glove

STM 15" laptop Glove in Orange   worth £16.95

- Soft plush lining and 3mm neoprene to protect your laptop from dust, bumps and scratches, durable YKK zippers with internal zipper guards

A wet suit to protect your Mac book or laptop!

STM was founded back in 1998 in the famous suburb of Bondi Beach in Australia. Their aim is to create comfortable, stylish and secure products to transport our digital gears.

The above laptop glove was kindly donated by STM. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

retro sweets, penny sweets, candy

Find Me a Gift Retro Sweets Jar   worth £24.99

- Includes approximately (sweets might vary slightly): 105g Cola Cubes, 105g Dolly Mixtures, 100g Candy Shrimps, 115g Bubble Gums, 75g Fruit Salads, 75g Black Jacks, 43g Flying Saucers, 5 Drum Stick Lollies, 5 Double lollies, 3 packets of Popping Candy (Space Dust), 2 Mega Refreshener Chew Bars, 2 WHAM Bars (or 4 of the same if one is not available), Giant Gobstopper or alternative candy, Rolls of Parma Violets, Rolls of Lovehearts

The ideal gift for someone with a sweet tooth and nostalgia for the past! Great for sharing, if you can bear it!

Find Me a Gift is an online shop where you can find all sorts of gifts, from quirky and fun to elegant and sophisticated. If you need to find a gift, take a look on their site!

The above sweets jar was kindly donated by Find Me a Gift. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Jelly Belly jelly bean, jelly bean, Jelly Belly UK

Jelly Belly Beans 50 Flavour Gift Box   worth £22.98

- Includes 600g of Jelly Belly jelly beans in 50 flavours.

I made a mistake sharing this, what are you going to do?!

Jelly Belly jelly beans are Gluten, Dairy and Fat free, they even have a range that is free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Not many can resist these gourmet jelly beans!

The above gift box was kindly donated by Jelly Belly. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Ragu pasta sauce, pasta hamper, food hamper

Ragu Hamper   worth £100.00

This fabulous hamper is especially designed for my giveaway, you can't get it anywhere else! Not only will you get a selection of Ragu's pasta sauces, you'll also get all the gifts in the picture to go with the pasta, very thoughtful!

Ragu dates back to 1914 when the original creators brought with them their recipe from Naples to New York.

The above hamper was kindly donated by Ragu. For more information follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

How to enter:

To enter this awesome giveaway, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter. There is a lot of easy chances for you to gain additional entries into the giveaway too!

The deadline for this giveaway will be Wednesday 3rd October, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The giveaway is open to the UK only (apologies to all my other lovely readers)
  • It is mandatory to leave a blog comment to enter the giveaway. Please make sure that you are not leaving a comment as anonymous, as this will disqualify your entry, as well as all the additional entries as I would not be able to check whether you've left a blog comment.
  • Please make sure that your name appearing on the comment can be matched to the rafflecopter entry.
  • Please make sure that your email used to enter the rafflecopter is active, and you do check the spam folder in case the email I sent you ended up there
  • If you win through 'tweeting the giveaway' entry, your tweet url will be checked. Please make sure you have the correct url entered into the rafflecopter 
  • The winner will be announced by Thursday 4th october, 2012 on here as well as Twitter. Unfortunately it will not be announced on Facebook as it's against Facebook rules. You will, however, receive an email from me if you are the winner.
  • The winner will have to respond to my email by Monday 8th October, 2012 noon, so that I can send your details over to all the PRs who represents the companies that has donated the prizes to this giveaway. If I haven't receive a response by then, I will have no choice but to choose another winner for the giveaway.
  • All prizes will be posted to the winner by the corresponding PR. Unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for missing prizes, but you can contact me for queries, and I'll try my best to help.

Good luck! x

Update (03/09/2012 11:00am):

- I had the pricing wrong for Heat Holders Socks, they are worth £7.99 each. So the total value is approx. £397 not £393 ;)
- I was notified by a lovely fellow blogger Unique Mummy Blog that one of the Facebook entry and all the Twitter entries has changed. I'll check this with the guys at Rafflecopter, apologies for the inconvenience x
-I've entered 3 entries into the rafflecopter to test the fields out. I have removed these entries from the rafflecopter database now.

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